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Anyone for Nuckin Futs? (but only if you are old enough)

During February 2011 an application was lodged with the Trade Marks Office for a Trade Mark called “Nuckin Futs”.

At first there was an objection lodged against the application for the registration of the Trade Mark on the basis that the Trade Mark was scandalous. However, the Trade Marks Office has allowed the application and subsequent registration but subject to an endorsement that the Trade Mark must not be marketed to children.

Whether this means that the Trade Mark may only be used in licensed venues where there are no children allowed is uncertain. It is also not clear how the endorsement will be policed and/or enforced. It is interesting to note that the Trade Marks Office has allowed registration of the following Trade Marks without any endorsements:-

(Why anyone will go to the effort to register these Trade Marks may be a very interesting topic for some psychiatrists).



“Farken Orsum”

Even though Attwood Marshall do not provide psychiatric services, we may assist you with any enquiries you have relating to Trade Marks.



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