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Attwood Marshall Helping the Community


In more than 50 years of practising law on the Gold Coast Attwood Marshall has made a lot of friends.

“We believe that if we are going to help the community there is no better sector to target than our young people.”

With the establishment of a third office at the Robina Town Centre, we hope we are about to make a lot more.

Our reputation as a friendly firm is linked to our success as lawyers and our involvement with the community.

Our legal success is built on the provision of an innovative, efficient, value for money service, the pursuit of excellence in law, an unwavering commitment to our clients, and a willingness to fight for the underdog.

Managing Partner, Rob Davis, as Queensland president of the Australian Plaintiff Lawyers Association (APLA), is accustomed to fighting for the underdog.

Like all Attwood Marshall plaintiff lawyers he doesn’t work for insurance companies, only for the victims of injury or malpractice.

He has also been a strong advocate of the need to make people aware of their rights to compensation.

And he perhaps best identifies our community involvement with his campaign of more than five years of greater safety on school buses.

Through his involvement with APLA he has put the campaign on a national footing and it is beginning to achieve results.

Seat belts are now being introduced to school buses in some areas.  And the Queensland Government has announced moves to ban standing in school buses travelling in 100k/ph zones.

But school bus safety is only the tip of Rob’s community iceberg.  Other concerns involve safer procedures for scuba divers, consumer protection, medical negligence, the need for increased legal aid funding.

To all of this, Attwood Marshall would now like to add our concern for kids.

We are concerned with many of the problems that plague young people today. We are very concerned at the pressures young people are subjected to.  And we are appalled at the fact that Australia has the highest rate of youth suicide.

We propose to back up our concern and make the community a safer place for young people by implementing a Kids Help Programme.  In this we will:

  • Expand our role in the bus safety campaign.  (We are very interested in talking to and becoming involved with local schools and organisations that deal with young people).
  • Commit time and money to education campaigns to improve safety at home, on the beach, and around pools and waterways.
  • Conduct fund raising events to aid charities that care for young people.
  • Dedicate some of our fees towards the programme.

Why should we do this?

Let Rob Davis explain:  “In 1947, our founder Eric Haigh Attwood, began to practise law around Northern New South Wales and the southern end of the Gold Coast.

Since then, we have grown with the Coast and its success has been our success.  To show our appreciation of this we have attempted to put something back into the community.

Now that our growth has taken us to an additional office at Robina, we feel we should expand our community activities.  And our experience as lawyers is pointing the way.

For instance, lawyers today become involved with many of the negative issues that kids have to cope with – drug abuse, crime, employment related problems, family issues, and so on.

We also see the disabling, disfiguring and sometimes tragic consequences that may be created by a lack of safety standards or practices.

We believe that if we are going to help the community there is no better sector to target than our young people – and specifically with regard to safety.

We will be caring for kids and putting time and money back into the community in a way that we believe will help to make the community safer for children.”

Resource: Attwood Marshall Newsletter Article 1998

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