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Wills & Estates Senior Associate Debbie Sage will join Robyn Hyland to talk about the importance of planning for end-of-life care and what options are available.

Attwood Marshall Lawyers offers free Wills to first responders and frontline health workers


For a first in Australia, Attwood Marshall Lawyers, a law firm with specialist teams covering all areas of law that has been established for 75 years, are offering health workers, paramedics, police officers, firefighters, and emergency service personnel free estate planning services.

We are proud to assist our first responders and health care workers

The offer of a free Will comes at a time when Australia’s first responders and frontline healthcare workers are stepping up to serve and protect the community in a way they have never had to do before. COVID-19 has changed the way we live and the way we work. For our healthcare and emergency service workers, the job is often thankless, demanding, and involves personal sacrifice and resilience.

Attwood Marshall Lawyers want to support those who help our community and are pleased to offer first responders and healthcare workers Australia-wide a free Will drafted by an experienced estate planning lawyer. By drafting a legally-binding, professional Will, you can have peace of mind that your legal affairs are in order and your wishes will be preserved if the unexpected happens.

“We are very proud to be able to assist our first responders and health care workers. It is our little way of thanking these brave, selfless people who are in the firing line every day. Hopefully, we can put their minds at rest about getting their Will done and making sure their loved ones are covered”, said Attwood Marshall Lawyers Legal Practice Director, Jeff Garrett.

Free Wills for First Responders and Frontline Health Workers

Contrary to popular belief, your estate does not automatically go to who you intend it to after you die if you do not have a legally-binding Will. By drafting a Will, you have the opportunity to have your say about who will benefit from your estate, and you will also be in control as to who will look after administering your estate after you are gone. One of the most important reasons for all parents of young children to have a Will is to protect children by appointing trusted family or friends to take over the role of guardian in their place.

The process is simple and starts with an online questionnaire that eligible people can complete at a time that suits them. Once the questionnaire is completed, a time is arranged to sit down and discuss your wishes with an estate planning lawyer, and from there your Will is drafted.

Attwood Marshall Lawyers can also store Wills and other important legal documents in their strongroom for safekeeping and easy accessibility.

As part of the Free Wills for First Responders and Frontline Health Workers Program, Attwood Marshall Lawyers are also offering a special rate of $99 for the partners of first responders and frontline health workers who wish to have their Will drafted at the same time.

Attwood Marshall Lawyers have offices located at Robina Town Centre, Coolangatta, Brisbane Kingscliff, Sydney and Melbourne.

Attwood Marshall Lawyers – it is our intent to help people and change their lives for the better

Attwood Marshall Lawyers are a community focused law firm who partner with worthy charities each year to deliver Community Wills Days and other fundraising events to help raise vital funds for charities including The Salvation Army, Australian Cancer Research Foundation, Currumbin Wildlife Hospital Foundation, and Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service.

With the “Free Wills for First Responders and Frontline Health Workers” program now available, this is another avenue the team at Attwood Marshall Lawyers can offer to proudly support the community.

To book your free Will appointment today, call 1800 621 071 at any time or complete the booking form by visiting the below page:

Free Will For First Responders


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