Friday 29th April 2022 from 9am

Wills & Estates Senior Associate Debbie Sage will join Robyn Hyland to talk about the importance of planning for end-of-life care and what options are available.
Kelli Costin is a compassionate Department Manager with exceptional paralegal experience.

Kelli has provided 14 years of service to Attwood Marshall Lawyers, and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Personal Injuries team, led by Compensation Law Specialist and firm Partner Jeremy Roche.

Kelli is the first point of contact for all clients enquiring about our No Win, No Fee service, TPD/superannuation claims, motor vehicle accidents, public liability injuries and workers' compensation claims. She manages the client-lawyer relationship during and after the engagement process, along with overseeing the Compensation Law teams capacity and workload to ensure all clients receive exceptional services.

Kelli is passionate and driven to help clients improve the quality of their life. Client testimonials consistently single out Kelli’s thoughtful and supportive assistance as being pivotal in their case and road to recovery.

Kelli is positive, enthusiastic and kind, applying these attributes to her work and home life.

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