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Barry Cat joins the FIRM

Barry Cat has been on the payroll of the Attwood Marshall law team for almost a year, but he has only been spotted once in the firm’s Coolangatta office in all that time.

He is a “claws” lawyer – a bit prickly but with a softer side.

Barry received a Christmas bonus, has his own email address (he never answers his emails) and is on the staff “tracker” system – although it always says he’s having his hair done.

Unfortunately, you will never see Barry arguing a client’s case before a magistrate.

He spends so much time volunteering at the RSPCA, it seems like he lives there!

Barry is, in fact, a real live feline – but not just any old cat.

Barry is Attwood Marshall’s much-lovved mascot and a “house cat” at the RSPCA.

The law firm’s busy office stopped for a few minutes last week as Barry paid his first visit since the legal eagles began sponsoring him.

Usually unflappable solicitors were smitten by Barry, accompanied by his RSPCA minder.

Barry was happy to have a snooze on the desk of property and commercial law department manager Sheree Button.

It was Mrs Button and solicitor Tia Haynes who set the sponsorship ball rolling for Barry.

“We have a lot of animal lovers here,” Mrs Button said.

“Initially, I just went (to the nearby RSPCA centre) to introduce myself and our office.”

“Barry was there and we fell in love with him.”

“When we found out he needed help, we decided to sponsor him – take up his case!”

Barry shares his name with Attwood Marshall’s senior commercial lawyers, Barry Van Heerden.

“That was the clincher” Mrs Button laughed.

Then Mrs Button first met Barry, he had no fur from his shoulder blades back.

RSPCE customer service officer Leanne Austin said: “He was found at Aratula gorge in western Queensland.

“Someone staying or camping out there picked him up.

“When he came to us, he was naked from the front legs back, and he had either a flea, food or environmental allergy.”

After vet and naturopath visits, Barry has grown a lot of his fur back.

He’s pleading not guilty to over-indulgence.

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