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Be careful with the brandy pudding this silly season or you could lose your licence! – by Lauren Magasdi

Imagine heading off to Christmas lunch or dinner in a few weeks, having a few soft drinks and a big chunk of brandy-soaked Christmas pudding, only to be pulled up by the police on the way home for being over the legal driving limit!

Sounds a little stupid but that could be the reality according to the new drink-driving discussion points from the Australian Transport Council which recently was replaced by the Standing Council on Transport and Infrastructure.

Good old Chrissie Pudding contains alcohol – and lots of it!  It is more commonly found that puddings purchased from local supermarkets and delicatessen’s, contain a warning about the levels of alcohol in the pudding. Studies have also shown that when warming a pudding in a microwave, compared to boiling or steaming, the alcohol content has less time to evaporate.

It is reported by the Telegraph that the booziest Christmas pudding on Britain’s supermarket shelves is Marks & Spencer’s The Collection Perfectly Matured Christmas Pudding which contains; brandy (7%), ruby port (4%), stout (3.5%), cognac (4%) and brandy-soaked cherries (4.5%) This gives the pudding (weighing in at 454 grams) an alcohol content of 21.5%!

On average, a 100gram individual portion of Christmas pudding (traditionally laced) is the equivalent to a standard shot of spirit.

Alcohol fuelled drivers are responsible for between 20-30 per cent of fatal road accidents, with the higher percentage recoded over the Christmas season. Even though the ads aren’t run anymore, there’ll never be a truer statement than “drink drive, and you’re a bloody idiot”.

When the blood-alcohol limit was brought down from .08 to .05, fatal crashes went down around 8 per cent. We now have one of the lowest road tolls in the world, and still decreasing.

Make this Christmas a safe one everyone – keep a mindful eye on how much you consume this year, and don’t overindulge on the Chrissy pudding!



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