Body Corporate/Owners Corporation Disputes

In either a Body Corporate (Queensland) or Owners Corporation (New South Wales), disputes will usually either arise either between;

  1. Unit owners;
  2. Owner/owners and The Body Corporate/The Owners Corporation; or
  3. An owner/the Body Corporate/Owner Corporation and a neighbour.

The most common disputes are;

  1. Levies;
  2. Damage to property;
  3. Lack of maintenance for common property or personal property;
  4. Overhanging trees;
  5. Blocked pipes from obstructions (such as tree roots) in common areas;
  6. Noise complaints;
  7. Disputes with neighbours;
  8. Constructions/building disputes; and
  9. Insurance disputes;

At Attwood Marshall, an experienced member of our Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution team will be able to assist you in finding resolution to the dispute or referring your dispute to an external body, including the Office of the Commissioner for Body Corporate and Community Management or Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (for Queensland disputes) or Fair Trading NSW or NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (for NSW disputes).


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