Building, Developer and Construction Disputes

If your your company becomes involved in a Building, Developer or Construction Dispute, you need strength on your side.

Attwood Marshall Lawyers’ dedicated team of commercial litigation solicitors and paralegals have an unsurpassed reputation for defending developers, builders and construction companies involved in legal disputes.

With demonstrated successes in Federal, Supreme, District & Local Court civil claims, our firm has a proven track record in providing tailored case strategies to help small to large enterprises litigate for success.

Building, Developer and Construction Disputes

Building, Developer and Construction Disputes


Attwood Marshall Lawyers have a proven track record executing tailored case strategies which help small to large enterprises litigate for success.

Our practitioners are skilled in court litigation and out of court mechanisms such as negotiation, alternative dispute resolution, and mediation, to ensure you achieve optimal results using only the most cost appropriate solutions.

No two businesses are alike. Whether you require a one off legal action to resolve a dispute or long term legal counsel to protect your growing business interests, please review our brochure to consider some of the legal services Attwood Marshall Lawyers offer.

Our strategic legal services for companies involved in a dispute

We provide advice and representation for building contractors, sub contractors, engineers, owners, body corporate, developers and investors as well as home owners in the following areas of building disputes and litigation:

  • Domestic and commercial building disputes including:
  • Complaints to the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC), including but not limited to:
    • unlicensed contractor complaints
    • non-completion
    • building design complaints
    • pre-purchase and termite inspections
  • Debt recovery/non-payment and payment disputes
    • Attwood Marshall Lawyers provide complete debt recovery services, from issuing demand letters/statutory demand to recover costs in the courts and bankruptcy/liquidation. We can also review your contracts and payment terms to ensure you have the best security under your terms.
  • Defending QBCC issues for contractors (including claims and disciplinary actions)
  • Resolving disputes through QCAT – both domestic and commercial building disputes
  • Defective or incomplete work
  • Liquidated damages
  • Negligence arising out of a breach of duty of care and causing harm
  • Non conformance issues in regards to workmanship and building products
  • Professional liability
  • Retentions
  • Strata and body corporate building disputes
  • Terminating contracts
  • Variations
  • Dispute resolution through:
    • Alternative dispute resolution (mediation, conciliation, arbitration)
    • Adjudication/BCIPA
    • Litigation (courts and tribunals)
  • Subcontractors’ charges
  • Theft of intellectual property
  • Complaints with other contractors (architects, surveyors, engineers, electricians, suppliers or manufacturers.

We can also review your contracts to ensure that you have the appropriate clauses to safe guard you from any potential disputes.


Commercial Litigation Department Manager and Senior Paralegal, Amanda Heather, on direct line 07 5506 8245, email

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Attwood Marshall Lawyers can litigate for success in the Local, Supreme and High Courts. Our team is experienced in complex and class actions, and in fighting for businesses put before Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal and Queensland Building and Construction Commission.

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