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4331_Dwell logo standardTo some it’s a mere formality, to others it’s a HUGE step in a property purchase…what do you know about the pest and building inspection?

When you call to book in your building inspection, we ask you a few questions:

  • Do you want to come to the inspection? (you’re allowed!)
  • Who is the agent you have been dealing with/how do we get access?
  • What is your time frame? (We can usually be there within 24-48 hours)

If you require both pest and building inspections, we organise a reputable pest inspector so the two can be accomplished at the same time. We then get your inspection booked in with the agent and confirm the date and time with you so that you know what is going on. Don’t forget, you’re welcome to attend and if you have any specific concerns with the property, you should be there. Even if it’s a more general thing like “Can I knock out this wall?” you should come along.

On the day, when we arrive we start by inspecting all around the property – the site and the exterior elements (walls, windows, doors). We then go inside and look through every room thoroughly. If there is a manhole, we then check out the roof interior for any sign of water entry from the exterior, and as long as it isn’t higher than 3.6m, we get up on the roof. If there is a subfloor area that is accessible, we will also get under the house and look around at the structural elements. We are mostly looking for structural defects but we are also interested in signs of trouble to come.

Along the way, we take photos for your report. Depending on the size of the property, this typically takes around an hour. If you are attending the inspection, we will take time at the end to walk you through any significant matters and answer any questions.

Your report is then typed up and delivered via email no later than 24 hours after the inspection. If it happens to be an emergency, we can make sure your report arrives on the same day. If you want us to forward it to your conveyancer for you, we can do that. When you receive your report and have read it, you are welcome to call us with any further questions.

That is the process in a nut-shell…Here are a few extra things you may not realise:

  • Building inspections are all governed by an Australian Standard but individual companies can give more or less information depending on how much work they want to do – they don’t have to take photos and they don’t have to point out maintenance items
  • If you get a pest and building inspection done by a single operator, you might save a bit of money but it’s quite likely the inspector is a builder who has done a 3 day pest inspection course – always ask how long a pest inspector has been in the termite game, you want someone with experience
  • The average cost of a pest and building inspection varies wildly – between $360 and $600. Like most situations, the old adages hold true: you need to compare apples to apples and you always get what you pay for!
  • There are only a couple insurance companies that insure inspectors and they are very strict about the wording of our reports…sometimes to the point of being over-cautionary so always discuss the report with the inspector after reading it, there can be some scary bits in there
  • Building inspectors are not plumbers or electricians however if we spot something suspicious, it will be flagged for further investigation

friendly building inspectorWe have no other agenda, our only aim is to help you make an “eyes wide open” decision about whether or not you want to purchase the property. There is no such thing as a Pass or Fail when it comes to pest and building inspections. We can’t tell you whether or not to buy a house, but we can give you the best possible information to make that choice.

For more information Dwell Building Services can be contacted on 0424741616 or check our website

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