Business Structuring for Breeders and Owners

If you are commencing or restructuring your business in Thoroughbred breeding, racing and/or ownership, the expert lawyers at Attwood Marshall can assist you with creating a viable business plan, financial projections and industry benchmarking reports to ensure your success.

We can also perform a thorough assessment of your operation under the Business vs. Hobby test to make sure you are meeting the necessary criteria for future tax purposes and GST registration.

With specialised industry experience and a firm grasp of all the legal and financial implications of various business structures, we can provide professional and detailed advice to help you get your business on the right track. Setting it up correctly right from the start will give you the best chance of maintaining sustainable and profitable operations while meeting all your necessary regulatory requirements.

The Thoroughbred industry can be a very lucrative one, but its unique nature means there are many aspects to consider. Start off on the right foot with Attwood Marshall’s specialised business advice.

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