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Our Commercial Litigation Lawyers have decades of experience and are highly specialised in all areas of business and commercial law, with the key focus on dispute resolution.

Servicing the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Northern New South Wales, we have the local knowledge and industry experience to advise and guide businesses and individuals through the ever changing and complex commercial litigation and dispute resolution law system to obtain a positive outcome.

Amanda Heather – Department Manager | Commercial Litigation

Our priority is helping people create positive change and direction in their lives. At Attwood Marshall, our professional commercial litigation lawyers are highly specialised in all areas of business and commercial law, with a key focus on dispute resolution in all commercial applications.

We are proud to deal with all commercial litigation and dispute resolution issues on both sides of the border, adhering to state-specific guidelines as well as broader commercial law to ensure smooth and successful representation. meet our team

Our Specialty Areas:

Our team of Commercial Litigation Lawyers can assist you with the following specialty areas in disputes throughout Brisbane, Gold Coast and Northern New South Wales. We also act for clients in Sydney CBD court matters.

Claims against Insurance Companies

Attwood Marshall has a long history of fighting insurance companies across a broad spectrum of claims.
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Claims against Banks and Financial Planners

If you have suffered financial losses as a result of bad or incorrect financial planning advice, you may be entitled to claim damages for negligent advice that may have been provided to you. read more

Property Disputes & Caveats

We provide advice and representation for tenants, landlords, agents, buyers, sellers and body corporate in regards to all property matters and disputes.  read more

Leasing Disputes

With experience in both commercial and residential leasing disputes, we regularly manage dispute resolution processes and complex litigation at various levels of the Court and Tribunal system. read more

Partnership and Corporate Disputes

Disputes between shareholders and joint venture parties can be a major distraction and loss of time, especially when it interferes with business operations. read more

Competition and Consumer Law

The Competition and Consumer Law in conjunction with state legislation are used to preserve and enhance the competition amongst businesses together with the protection of consumers. read more

Building Disputes

We advise building, construction and engineering companies as well as independent contractors on a wide range of matters, together with homeowners on their rights under home building contracts and home warranty insurance claims.
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Body Corporate/Owners Disputes

The most common disputes are over issues such as levies, damage to property, lack of maintenance for common property or personal property, overhanging trees, blocked pipes from obstructions (such as tree roots) in common areas, noise complaints, neighbours and insurance. read more

Insolvency and Bankruptcy

In recent economic times, many companies have suffered a significant downturn in business which has led to cash flow shortages. It is important, as a Director or business owner, that you are aware of the true financial position of your company so as to avoid insolvent trading. read more

Representative Class Action

Commonly referred to as a ‘Class Action’, a representative action involves 7 or more people, each with the same or similar disputes against the same individual or company.
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Debt Recovery

Recovery of unpaid money, whether from an individual or corporate entity, in a cost-effective and efficient manner is also an area we specialise in.  read more


Defamation is basically a law designed to protect one’s reputation and to make sure that they’re not injured from a comment or something that’s said on a forum, on any forum really. read more

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