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Conveyancing: Don`t be Rushed


We are all very much aware of the current state of the economy and the fact that it is harder than ever before to effect a conveyance.

Buyers find it difficult to obtain finance and must jump through all kind of hoops to satisfy their financiers who appear to take forever before finance is approved.

Sellers find it hard to get buyers and agents who spend long hours in trying to get buyers are equally anxious to finalise a deal.

In the middle of all the parties are the lawyers and/or conveyancers who must see to it that the deal settles.

The conveyancing team at Attwood Marshall Lawyers realise the importance of balancing the respective interest of all the relevant parties involved in a conveyance, especially the estate agent.  We realise that everybody, and that includes Attwood Marshall Lawyers, want a speedy settlement and not a lengthy delay due to lawyers and/or conveyancers playing with semantics.

However, the conveyancing team at Attwood Marshall is retained by clients to look after and protect their clients’ interest when they are buying or selling a property.  Attwood Marshall will do whatever is required to settle the deal as quickly as possible but are not prepared to compromise our clients’ rights purely for the sake of a quick settlement.

Buyers and sellers are entitled to proper legal advice and assistance and Attwood Marshall prides itself in providing these services to our clients.  We do not believe in “cutting corners” and will not advise our clients to become a party to a rushed deal.

Buyers and sellers in general should be aware of the consequences in finalising a “rushed deal”.  The sale or purchase of a property is considered to be one of the 3 most traumatic events of life and the last thing you want is to have doubts after a settlement or even worse, when a deal turns into a mess after contracts are signed and/or exchanged in a hasty manner.

Rather, take your time, ensure it’s the right decision, obtain proper legal advice and then rest assured you have made the right decision.

Should you require any further information on how we conduct a conveyance, please do not hesitate to contact us on 07 5536 9777 or email


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