Conveyancing in New South Wales

Buying and Selling Property in New South Wales

Conveyancing in New South Wales requires the adherence to state-specific laws and regulations regarding residential property, while protecting both parties to the sale.

If you are buying property
, this involves pre-contractual negotiations to prepare the contract with any special conditions, exchanging and signing the contract with the seller, arranging finances, insurance and property searches, and preparing settlement.

Attwood Marshall’s conveyancing solicitors work closely with you to make sure you
fully understand the terms and obligations of the contract, all necessary information is disclosed, searches of the property are carried out and settlement is arranged. We take care of all necessary processes before, during and after settlement to ensure a successful completion.

If you are selling property
, New South Wales laws require that you have a draft contract prepared before your real estate agent markets your property. When you have accepted an offer, you provide a formal contract for signing including any special conditions, and once the contracts have been exchanged and signed, settlement is arranged.

We provide invaluable legal assistance and advice before, during and after settlement to ensure you meet all your legal obligations and special conditions, arrange all the necessary searches and certificates, and finalise the settlement and the release of security documentation. We keep you in the loop and take care of all the complex preparations so that you don’t have to.

For streamlined and efficient residential conveyancing in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Northern New South Wales, contact Attwood Marshall’s dedicated conveyancing solicitors today. With the right advice and assistance, you can enjoy a smooth, easy and stress-free process from start to finish.

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