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Any person or business that has been a victim of the recent floods in Queensland are being urged to lodge insurance claims, even if their insurance company tells them they are not covered for flood damage.

Many household insurance policies make a subtle but important distinction between coverage for storm and flood damage.

Storm or rain damage is covered by most Home and Contents Insurance policies.  This may include damage caused by storm water, rain and wind, run off from streets, gutters and storm water drains.  However, damage caused by flood is often explicitly excluded.

Flood damage may be caused by water flowing from rivers, creeks, dams, lakes and reservoirs.  The situation is further complicated when both storm and flood damage are caused at the same time.

Residents and businesses adversely affected by the floods should consider the following advice:-

  • do not assume that you are, or are not, covered for flood damage;
  • lodge a claim with your insurance company regardless;
  • if your claim is rejected, obtain legal advice.

For enquiries regarding your insurance claim, please contact Kelli Costin, on direct line (07) 5584 5406 or by email on  Alternatively, complete our online enquiry form and we will contact you.


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