Equine Influenza Class Action

Maurice Blackburn, with the assistance of Attwood Marshall Lawyers, intends to file a class action in the Federal Court of Australia. The class action will seek damages for individuals, clubs, businesses and not-for-profit organisations that suffered economic loss due to the outbreak of equine influenza in eastern Australia in August 2007.

What is the class action about?

The class action, to be conducted by Maurice Blackburn in association with Atwood Marshall, will hold the Commonwealth accountable for considerable losses incurred when the equine influenza outbreak spread across large parts of eastern Australia. The outbreak significantly affected the nation’s thoroughbred breeding, racing and other equine communities between August 2007 and January 2008.

Who is the class action against?

The class action is being brought against the Commonwealth in negligence. As the occupier of the Eastern Creek Quarantine Station, the Commonwealth had a duty to prevent the escape of dangerous substances and control dangerous activities.

Who can join the class action?

For information about who is eligible to join the class action, click here.

How did the Commonwealth allegedly breach its duty of care?

The findings of the Inquiry lend support to one part of a potential class action – that the Commonwealth breached its duty to:

  • take reasonable care to control a dangerous substance (the equine influenza virus) on the Eastern Creek Quarantine Station, and
  • to control dangerous activities carried out at the Eastern Creek Quarantine Station.

How will the class action work?

The class action will be filed in the Federal Court of Australia. It will seek damages for economic loss. The amount of damages will vary from person to person depending upon their individual circumstances. It will be funded by Argentum Litigation Services Ltd, and run on a no win, no fee basis for group members.

How can I find out more?

For more information or to register your interest, call us on 1800 810 812.

Registering your interest with us does not mean that you are signed up to the class action and it does not obligate you to pay any legal costs. We will contact you after receiving your completed registration form to invite you to retain us as your lawyers with respect to your individual claim.

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