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At the meeting on 13 October 2010 we discussed the most efficient and cost-effective way for the parties to undertake disclosure.

The lawyers for the Commonwealth advised that they may have up to 100,000 documents to disclose, in addition to the 3000 odd that were tendered as evidence at the enquiry.  It is contemplated that the exchange of documents will take place electronically, and that at first instance, the Commonwealth give disclosure of 20,000 documents that were provided to the Inquiry, but were not actually tendered as evidence.

The second main topic of discussion revolved around expert evidence concerning the means of escape of the virus from Eastern Creek, the adequacy of the system of work at the quarantine facility and evidence from a forensic accountant about financial losses.  There may be some agreement about who the experts might be and what specific questions the experts might be asked.

Further meetings with lawyers for the Commonwealth are contemplated in the near future.

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