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1.  Starting Point

  • All Contracts by foreign persons to acquire interest in Australian real estate must be made conditional upon foreign investment approval unless approval was obtained prior to entering into the Contract;
  •  A foreign person who fails to obtain prior approval to purchase real estate may be subject to substantial penalties.

2.  Definition of Foreign Person

  • A natural person not ordinarily resident in Australia;
  • A company in which a natural person not ordinarily resident in Australia holds a controlling interest (15% or more of the shares in the company);
  • If more than one person in the company an aggregate of 40% or more of the shares in the company.

3.  Eligibility Criteria

Foreign persons will be eligible for FIRB approval to acquire new dwellings if:-

  •  The dwelling has never been sold before; and
  • The dwelling has been occupied for less than 12 months (or not at all).

4.  Exemptions

A foreign person does not need to submit an application for FIRB approval if:-

  • You hold a permanent resident visa and are purchasing residential property;
  • You are a temporary resident who is purchasing certain residential property as follows:-
  1. vacant land;
  2. a new dwelling;
  3. a second hand dwelling to be used as your principal place of residence.
  • Temporary resident means you hold a temporary visa which permits you to stay in Australia for a continuous period of more than 12 months or you hold a bridging visa whilst    you have already submitted an application for permanent residency.
  • You are purchasing a new dwelling from a developer who has pre-approval to sell dwellings to foreign persons.

5.  How to Apply

  • Application forms are available on the website:;
  • If the purchase will be in an individual name the relevant form is “Form 4 – Notice Under Section 26A”;
  • Attached to this form is also an Information Sheet on how to complete the form.

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