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George Clooney visits downunder to promote his charitable children’s cause!

When George Clooney was asked at his fundraising function in Sydney yesterday whether he would like to have children, he replied that he would like to adopt a wealthy 30 year old – this begging the assumption that he might not want to deal with the challenges of bringing up children of his own.

When relationships fail, the children quite often become the ‘damaged goods’ of the end result and many have great difficulty making the adjustments which come with becoming a single parent family.  As the plight of many of these children was recently outlined in an article in the Sydney Morning Herald ………..

Sydney Morning Herald, December 10, 2011

‘Thousands of children will spend Christmas apart from their parents this year, and many will behave badly as a way of handling their sorrow.

There are 18,000 children in foster and kinship care in NSW. They are the hidden side of the dramatic story of child abuse and neglect that hogs the headlines.

The state has served these children poorly for 20 years. Once removed from the immediate danger of dysfunctional and abusive parents, many have fallen into a black hole. Are they being well cared for in foster care? Are they safe? Who knows?

To place a child for months or years with strangers, perhaps a series of them, or even relatives, is a huge act of trust. It is intrinsically hard for people to persevere with a child who is not their own, particularly one who may smash the furniture and bash a schoolmate…….

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