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Attwood Marshall has successfully represented clients in the past who have suffered serious and debilitating complications arising from listeria infections. Partner and Law Society Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law, Jeremy Roche discusses the recent listeria outbreak which has occurred in frozen food products that have been urgently recalled from supermarkets including IGA, Aldi and Woolworths.

At the time of writing this article 1 person from Victoria has died from an infection earlier in 2018. The news of the death comes days after a recall of  frozen food products contaminated with the deadly bacteria.  The listeria strain has been detected in frozen vegetables including the brands Black and Gold, Bell Farms, Market Fair and Essentials.

Listeria is a type of bacteria that contains 7 species.  Listeria is a serious infection which is caused by eating foods contaminated by the bacteria.  Ingestion of the listeria bacteria can result in listeriosis which can have fatal consequences.  People most at risk of developing listeriosis are the elderly, women who are pregnant, those with diabetes or suppressed immune systems.  NSW Health has indicated that up to one third of those who contract the disease suffer fatal consequences.

Persons who have purchased the recalled products from Woolworths, IGA or Aldi should take steps to preserve proof of the purchase of the product including keeping receipts, specifically identifying on the receipt the date that the frozen vegetables were purchased.  If frozen vegetables are left in the freezer and kept the evidence of those remaining frozen vegetables can be used to identify any subsequent strain of listeria if the person becomes infected.  This evidence may become crucial at a later date to show the source of the infection.

Prosecution of these cases requires expert evidence normally produced by biological scientists and infectious disease specialists trained in the detection and epidemiology of listeriosis.

About 15 Australians die each year from listeriosis and 150 are hospitalised.  This outbreak of listeriosis follows an earlier outbreak of listeria linked to contaminated rockmelon.

Anyone wishing to explore their rights to claim damages as a result of a listeria infection should contact Department Manager  Kelli Costin on direct line 07 5553 5888, Freecall 1800 621 071 or email: for a free initial consultation and discuss our ‘no win no fee’ terms. We have a dedicated team of lawyers who specialise in this area of law and practice exclusively in personal injury claims.

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