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Most people want to keep out of Court to settle a legal dispute

For some the process can be too costly or too time consuming.  Court systems consistently are faced with delays due to funding cuts and ever increasing workloads.  As a result, many parties are looking for alternative ways to resolve disputes.

Here at Attwood Marshall we have always endorsed a policy of, where possible, resolving a problem without going to Court thus avoiding both the financial and emotional costs of litigation.

To help parties in conflict we offer mediation services to our clients as well as to members of the public.

Mediation is a form of assisted negotiation.  Where two or more people, or organisations, are in dispute, an independent person helps them to negotiate or talk over the problem.  Hopefully, this will result in a mutually satisfactory decision resolving their dispute.

If you are involved in mediation you will find a significant benefit is that the negotiated agreement is your agreement not a decision imposed on you by a Judge or Magistrate.

Attwood Marshall partners, Richard Attwood and Michael Small, apart from being skilled lawyers and accredited specialists in their respective fields, are also trained mediators.  They are able to help parties with their disputes without the need for litigation.

If you are interested in mediation, or know anyone who is, do not hesitate to contact Richard or Michael to discuss this further.

Resource: Attwood Marshall Newsletter Article 1998

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