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Money ‘Gurus’ Paul Clitheroe & David Koch on Sunrise

How to Obtain a Copy of a Will When Someone Dies

MoneySmart Week runs from 2 to 8 September right across the country. It’s an initiative of the Australian Government Financial Literacy Board, of which Paul is chairman, and really supports.

We are all aware of the financial stress which has been felt across the country in recent years, however, Deloitte Australia recently said that retail spending is up and the outlook is much brighter in Australia.  Australia households, however need to start saving.  Small tips like knowing the rate of interest you are paying on your mortgage – saving even .5% can mean a saving of an extra couple of thousand dollars each year.

The discussion went on ……. the other very worrying thing is that over half of Australians do not have a legal Will.  Paul said ‘you may be dead but its an absolute schmozzel for those you leave behind’ Kochie said he ‘and Lib updated theirs (Wills) last week …… so don’t just make a Will and leave it for 20 years, go back and check it as circumstances change’. 

So many people do not realise the importance of making a legally binding Will.  It really is the last little bit of housekeeping you will do for those your leave behind.

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