Mortgages and Securities

Attwood Marshall Lawyers’ Property and Commercial team helps clients with conveyancing and also provides detailed legal advice in relation to mortgage and guarantor documents.

It is not in the client’s interest to have bank documents witnessed without sound legal advice on the fine print. We take time in perusing the documents to help our clients understand their legal rights and obligations under these documents.

Guarantor documents usually require a solicitor’s certificate and we make sure we provide our clients with detailed advice and the effect of them agreeing to act as a guarantor under a loan before signing of the documents by our clients.

We also assist clients when they enter into private Loan Agreements with other family members or any other third party.  We ensure the Loan Agreement is drafted on a commercial basis and that adequate security is provided for the Loan Agreement.

The Personal Property Security Act provides the opportunity to register an Interest on personal property for the security of loans, outstanding amounts due and owing and any personal property items bought on a payment plan.

Registration of this Interest puts our clients first in line if there are any liquidation or insolvency occurring.

Likewise, we assist clients who purchase personal property to search the PPSR Register to confirm there is no interest registered and they buy the property unencumbered.

Contact Property and Commercial Department Manager Emily Spinks ( or 07 5506 8214) for help with any queries you may have in relation to mortgages & securities.