HAVE YOU discontinued this service?

Gas & Electricity?

Telephone & your Internet?

Newspapers & Subscriptions?

Any other deliveries – Coles/Woolworths/Uber Eats?

HAVE YOU arranged for connection to your new residence?


Gas & Electricity?

Austar/Foxtel service

HAVE YOU notified your change of address to?

The Electoral Commission?

Your Bank?

The Post Office to redirect your mail?

Your consultants/advisers including solicitor, accountant and stockbroker?

Your Insurance Company?

Your Health Insurance Fund?

Main Roads/Roads and Maritime Authority (transfer car registration or licence. This is very important if you are moving interstate)?


Have you redirected your mail?

To arrange your Removalist?

Following settlement cancel your House Insurance and make sure you have a new policy for your next residence

Now that you are moving do you need to update your Will or POA?