Questionnaire for the Proposed Sale of a Residential Property

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Is the property mortgaged?

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Loan Account Number

Approximate payout

Contact Name and Number (if known)

If the property is not mortgaged, does a paper certificate of title exist?

If yes, where is it presently being held?

Please provide copies of the following

Does the dwelling on the property have complying smoke alarms?

Is your property currently tenanted?

If yes, who are the managing agents?

Please provide a copy of the tenancy agreement.

Consents and Approvals
Is any part of your property being used for a purpose other than that for which it is intended eg. A garage being used as a games room?

If yes, please provide details.

Have all improvements to the property received local Council approval?

If no, please provide details.

Home Building Legislation (For homes constructed or work done in the past six (6) years)

Approximate Date

Approximate Date that the house was build (this is only applicable for a house)

Have you done any renovations, attractions or additions in the last 6 years?

Do you have Home Warranty insurance/Building Occupation Certificate?

(If yes, please forward a copy. If no - call us to discuss) Note: A Home Warranty Insurance Certificate is required if your house was built or any building undertaken in the last six (6) years costing more than $20,000.00.:

What inclusions are being sold with the property?

Sale Proceeds
Please advise how you would like us to disburse the sale proceeds

Bank and Branch

Account Name

Account Number

BSB Number

Alternatively, if you would like to collect the cheque from our office, please tick the box below.


Acceptance of Disclosure and Costs Agreement


I have read and understand the Disclosure Notice and Cost Agreement provided to me by email. You may accept the agreement by clicking Yes.

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