Meet Our Business Systems and Solutions Team
Attwood Marshall Lawyers

At Attwood Marshall we are the leaders of innovative practices which involve constantly updating and improving our business systems in this ever changing technology driven era. Therefore we compromise of a small in-house business systems and solutions team who focus on the business automation development and system solutions of the practice. 

This places a high emphasis on streamlining non-billable processes, especially the management of new client enquiries. Our adoption of LawMaster’s New Client Enquiry (NCE) tool in 2010 had enhanced the efficiency of managing these enquiries by incorporating the new client enquiry into our workflows. An increase in our online marketing activity, including the introduction of Live Chat, saw online enquiries increase dramatically which led to our award winning implementation of a Live Chat API integration to LawMaster which has simplified, automated and streamline the management of new client enquiries. We tailor our own templates and precedents to ensure the quality and accuracy of our documents merge with our data already keyed into our systems and our documents are kept current with regular legislation changes.  We have enhanced our online efficiency by introducing online forms that integrate with our systems which has saved a considerate amount of time from manual data entry and double handling. We are constantly improving the clients experience by introducing such systems to seamlessly make processes more efficient so the rest of the firm can spend more time doing what they are trained and good at and that is to help our clients.

We continue to maintain an accreditation to the Law 9000 – Legal Best Practice – Quality Management System, which is based on the internationally recognised standard ISO 9001. This allows us to display the internationally recognised red five-tick Standards Mark. This has only been possible through our ongoing commitment to improving our processes and procedures.