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The paid parental leave scheme came into effect on 1 January 2011 and all employees who comply with the paid parental leave scheme test may claim parental pay leave.

To comply with the test an employee must:-

  1. Be an Australian citizen;
  2. Have received an individual adjusted taxable income of $150,000 or less in the previous financial year;
  3. Be on leave or not working from the time of the birth or adoption;
  4. Have worked for at least 10 of the 13 months prior to the birth (or adoption) of a child;
  5. Have worked for at least 350 hours in that 10 month period with no more than an 8 week gap between 2 working days.

Eligible employees who may apply for payment are:-

  1. The birth mother; or
  2. The initial primary carer of an adopted child.

An employee may still be eligible in the event of a stillbirth or infant death.

A short summary of the details of the payments are as follows:-

  1. Payments are government funded;
  2. For eligible employees (as defined above) for children born or adopted after 1 January 2011;
  3. The payments are transferable to the other parent;
  4. Payments are currently $570.00 per week before tax;
  5. Can be paid for up to 18 weeks;
  6. Must be applied for within 1 year after the birth of the child.

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