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Lawyer warns class action is inevitable for EI outbreak

The Senior Partner of a leading litigation firm specialising in the thoroughbred industry has warned that the staggering losses suffered in the thoroughbred racing and breeding industry will ultimately fall upon the shoulders of the Government or the companies responsible for the quarantine procedures in Australia. Jeffrey Garrett of Attwood Marshall Lawyers says that his firm has already received several enquiries from studs, racehorse owners and broodmare owners concerning possible compensation. He said:

“Its early days yet but it would appear that the lockdown is going to affect all stakeholders in the industry and cause massive losses to owners, trainers and the participants in the breeding industry especially. The lockdown means  that no broodmares can travel between any of the studs. There are a lot of very valuable broodmares out there who are ready to cycle and be served by top line stallions. Even if this process is thrown out by a week or two (some sources say one month), this will have a devastating effect on the industry as a whole and cause massive losses. The people who suffer those losses will be looking to seek compensation from whoever caused the outbreak. It is  inevitable that a class action will be brought by those who have suffered losses”.

Mr Garrett said that he would be monitoring the developments closely and keeping his clients advised as to exactly what their rights to compensation were and how best to deal with the matter. He said that some clients may have insurance policies which will assist them but most people won’t have insurance cover for this type of unique occurrence.
“Its all very well for Government Ministers and industry commentators to say that the industry will simply have to wear this loss. Most people will want to recover that loss if they have a sustainable cause of action against those that have caused this potentially catastrophic outcome”.
Anyone interested in receiving some preliminary information about a proposed class action can contact the Attwood Marshall hotline on 1800 621 071 or email

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