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Questions To Ask When Choosing A Personal Injury Lawyer

Attwood Marshall LawyersPersonal injury law in both Qld and NSW is a very specialist area. Personal injury laws have been changed by State Governments frequently and when choosing a personal injury lawyer you must ensure that the lawyer is up to date with the most current and recent legislative changes. For this reason it is best to retain a solicitor who specialises in personal injury law only so that the solicitor can devote the entirety of their time to one particular technical field of law to obtain for you the best possible result.

The questions that you should ask of your lawyer include:-

1. What areas of law does your solicitor specialise in?

2. Is the solicitor an accredited specialist in personal injury law, accredited by the Law Society of either state?

3. Has the solicitor taken cases similar to this one in the past? If so, how many and what were the results?

4. How many other solicitors will be working on the case and/or paralegals?

5. Will most of the work on the file be done by a fully qualified solicitor or will the case be handed by a paralegal?

6. How long does the solicitor think it will take to resolve the case?

7. Does the solicitor work on a contingency basis?

8. Can anything be done to improve the chances of the case being successful?

9. How frequently does the solicitor press cases all the way to a hearing?

10. Has the solicitor ever been subject to any disciplinary, or legal or ethics proceedings in the past? If so, why?

11. Can the solicitor provide references from past clients?

If you ask some or all of these questions of your solicitor you will be in a far better position to make an informed choice about the best legal representation for your case. You should always make sure that if you respond to any advertisement that the advertisement is from an actual solicitor rather than from a referral agency who simply forward a prospective client to one of their member firms in exchange for a large fee.

If you take the time to ask the important questions before you retain your lawyer it can make running your case far more stress free and a far better result is achievable.


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