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Do you believe that everyone has a voice and should be able to express their opinion and do something about their concerns?

Are you not the only one that may have been ripped off or scammed?

Do you know that there are more people that will come forward if a class action was being represented?

Then don’t be shy and let us know!

Every day, people are being ripped off by large companies. Most people won’t take any action as they don’t have the proper resources or man power, and in some cases, knowledge of a representative action. Let us help you, all you need is 7 people and a law firm like Attwood Marshall to get you on your way.  

We urge you to do something about it today!

As you may have seen your everyday Joe Blow is now taking a stand, in numbers!

Representative class actions are the perfect avenue for over 7 claimants to proceed against a mutual entity regarding the same dispute.

Class actions are cost effective and strong. They have the benefit of combining evidence through numbers. They also have a greater likelihood of their concerns being heard.

The greater the members in the class, the better. It may be something as small as a penalty owed to the big banks, or could be and large as a medical issue or life changing loss of income as a result of a scam.

We want to help you.

Our Commercial Litigation team here at Attwood Marshall can answer your queries and assist you with this or any other issue you have. Contact an Attwood Marshall Lawyer today on 1800 621 071 or email

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