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Schoolies are back – spiking car crashes and motor vehicle compensation claims! By Jeremy Roche – Personal Injury lawyer

Queensland’s Schoolies of 2012 are being urged to leave their vehicles behind when attending Schoolies celebrations on the Gold Coast over the next three weeks.

Last year’s Schoolies were involved in literally hundreds of motor vehicle accidents which led to a noticeable spike in personal injury claims and property damage claims during the Schoolies period.

Insurance companies noted that accidents involving Schoolies last year were mostly rear-end accidents, failures to give way, and collisions whilst reversing.

The majority of drivers were 17 or 18 years old and a large number of these accidents were considered to have been caused by an element of distraction – such as intoxication, use of mobile phones while driving, and driving with too many passengers in the vehicle.

Queensland’s Transport Minister Mr Scott Emerson has urged Schoolies of 2012 to use public transport and has provided additional buses for the 2012 Schoolies period.

The numbers of car accidents in South East Queensland are expected to increase over the next few weeks in a similar manner to the Schoolies celebrations of 2011.

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