Taxation Advice and ATO Racing Industry Audits

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has recently cracked down on the horse racing industry in Australia, highlighting the need to make sure all your activities are fully compliant with current taxation laws and regulation.

The team at Attwood Marshall is available to help you understand and meet your tax obligations, as well as provide personalised advice to ensure you’re correctly adhering to regulation without over-paying.

We can assist you with developing strategies to ensure compliance and take full advantage of any tax depreciation rules available for livestock. We can also provide a full case submission analysing your activities and operation in view of an audit by the ATO.

Our specialist advice also extends to assisting foreign owners and breeders minimise the impact of Australian tax law and comply with their filing requirements. And if you need to attend discussions or information requests with the ATO, our professional representation can help lead to a positive outcome.

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