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Thoroughbred Breeding and Racing.

Attwood Marshall is one of the few legal firms that provide specialist advice in the Thoroughbred industry.

Attwood Marshall is one of the few legal firms that provide specialist advice in the Thoroughbred breeding and racing industry.

Our experienced lawyers across the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Northern New South Wales are proud to deliver expert legal service in all aspects of this unique industry in both Queensland and New South Wales.

With highly specialised knowledge, experience and practice in the business aspects of the horse racing industry, Attwood Marshall Lawyers can advise and guide you through the complexities of the regulation surrounding buying and selling racehorses, business structuring, taxation, compensation, disputes and more.

Our Thoroughbred Breeding and Racing Department is headed up by our Legal Practice Director Jeff Garrett who is an experienced lawyer in this area and a commercial breeder and racehorse owner himself. His firsthand knowledge of the industry and ability to communicate easily with those involved with horse racing and breeding are the reasons our clients keep coming back to us.

Jeff’s only complaint is that he spends more time talking about the horses than about the work! meet our team

Our Services for the Horse Racing Industry

At Attwood Marshall, our team of dedicated lawyers is available for advice and guidance surrounding the business aspects of this highly specialised industry.

Our legal services include:

Stallion and Racehorse Syndications

Sharing the ownership of a racehorse with the original purchaser or breeder comes with a number of legal matters to consider.  read more

Business Structuring for Breeders and Owners

If you are commencing or restructuring your business in Thoroughbred breeding, racing and/or ownership, the expert lawyers at Attwood Marshall can assist you with creating a viable business plan, financial projections and industry benchmarking reports to ensure your success. read more

Taxation Advice and ATO Racing Industry Audits

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has recently cracked down on the horse racing industry in Australia, highlighting the need to make sure all your activities are fully compliant with current taxation laws and regulation. read more

Compensation Claims for Injured Jockeys and Staff

If you are injured while riding in a race or during the course of your work in the Thoroughbred breeding and racing industry, you are entitled to a full range of workers compensation entitlements prescribed under Queensland and New South Wales legislation. read more

Appeals for Trainers and Jockeys

The appeal process for trainers and jockeys in the horse racing industry varies by state. In Queensland, appeals must be lodged with the Racing Disciplinary Board (RDB) while in New South Wales, appeals need to go through Racing NSW (RNSW). In both states, appeals need to be lodged within the specified time limit. read more

Litigation for Contract Disputes

Contract disputes are a difficult, draining and time-consuming process. But with an experienced litigator on your side, any contract disputes in horse racing will be dealt with promptly and fairly to guide the outcome to the most favourable one possible for all parties involved. read more

For specialist legal advice related to Thoroughbred breeding and racing.

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