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Want to sell your NSW property ASAP? By Jacinta Bennett – Property Law Paralegal

Step by step guidelines to get your house on the market TODAY!

1.  Appointing an agent:

The first step in selling your property starts with finding an agent,  as there are numerous out there we recommend you do you research when selecting one. If you have difficulties doing so, we can certainly refer to you to a reputable agent.

2.  Signing an Agency Agreement:

Once you have appointed an agent you will then need to sign an Agency Agreement with them.  This is required by law to be signed by you, as the vendor and the agent before the property can be marketed etc. This agreement sets out the rights and obligations of both you and the agent and also identifies the details of the sale. Make sure you are aware of the term of the agreement as sometimes this will restrict you listing with another agent.

3.  Notifying the agent of your Lawyer’s details:

It is important for vendors to notify their agent as soon as possible that they will be using Attwood Marshall as their lawyers.  As soon as an Agency Agreement is signed then the agent should forward a copy through to us and we can then prepare your proposed sale Contract from the agreement provided.

4.  Agency Agreement received by Lawyer:

Upon receiving the agreement, we will then contact you to confirm these details. We will also request the necessary funds from you to cover the contract preparation inclusive of searches required by law to be included in the Contract.

5.  Preparation of Contract:

Within 24hrs from receiving the Agency Agreement and requested funds, the searches will be ordered and the Contract will be drawn and forwarded directly to the agent.

As soon as the agent receives the proposed sale Contract, then they are able to market the property immediately.

At Attwood Marshall Lawyers we endeavour to provide great service that is efficient and effective, which is why we provide a turnaround time of 24hrs from receiving the Agency Agreement to providing the proposed Contract to the agent.

Feel free to give us a call today to discuss the sale of your property.


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