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Plan ahead and protect your family with a legally prepared Estate Plan.

It’s a topic that none of us like to consider for very long, but one that is of vital importance to ensure your final wishes are carried out. Attwood Marshall’s experienced lawyers are dedicated to ensuring that our clients’ estates are prepared and managed in the way that they intended.

Having a legal, properly prepared Will is vitally important to ensure your final wishes in regard to the distribution of your estate are carried out. Without a legal Will, your estate could be distributed unfairly according to a formula set by each state and territory’s probate laws. This could result in some of your relatives receiving more than you wished while other loved ones are not provided for in the way you intended.

A properly drafted Will ensures that the person you nominate administers your estate, that your estate is divided according to your wishes and makes the granting of probate quicker and less expensive, leaving more for your loved ones.

To ensure your assets remain within the family for their use and benefit, a Testamentary Trust should also be considered. Testamentary Trusts protect your bequeathed assets from financial or other difficulties that may befall your beneficiaries such as bankruptcy or divorce and offer significant tax advantages. They can ensure the future care of handicapped children, prevent spendthrift children squandering your estate and allow your surviving spouse to pass on the assets to their children upon their death.

Should you become incapacitated through illness or injury and unable to make decisions yourself, a properly prepared Living Will and Power of Attorney ensures that your wishes on what medical treatment you wish to have, or not have, are carried out, taking the burden off your loved ones and reducing their stress during an emergency.

Attwood Marshall’s experienced Wills and Estates Team can prepare a properly drafted Will, Testamentary Trust, and a Living Will and Power of Attorney to allow for the inexpensive, smooth transfer of your assets in the event of your incapacitation, and at the time of your death.

If you already have a Will you should consider updating it when your relationship or financial circumstances changes, you have another child, an executor dies or no longer wishes to act, a beneficiary dies or you dispose of property.

Attwood Marshall’s experienced lawyers are dedicated to ensuring your estate is prepared and managed in the way you intended.

Has your parent or partner died and left you out of their will? Are you unhappy with the amount of your inheritance? A will contest is a challenge to a will, usually initiated by a family member or a beneficiary who feels slighted by the testator’s choice of property distribution. You may be able to contest the will and claim your fair share of the estate. Attwood Marshall Lawyers can provide you with a free consultation for advice on Contesting Wills and Estate Disputes.

For any enquiries regarding Attwood Marshall’s Will and Estate Administration Department, please contact the Department Manager Donna Tolley, on direct line (07) 5506 8241 or by email on dtolley@attwoodmarshall.com.au.


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