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Attwood Marshall Lawyers celebrates 15 years of supporting The Salvation Army Wills Days


Attwood Marshall Lawyers are proud to participate in the Salvation Army Wills Day on Tuesday 10th November 2020, marking 15 years’ supporting this well-deserving charity. The Community Wills Day will take place at The Salvation Army Gold Coast Temple at 157 Wardoo Street, Southport.

This event will celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Salvation Army Wills Days in which Attwood Marshall Lawyers have supported the well-deserving charity.  Many things have changed since the first, very modest, Wills Day, which was held in Coolangatta in October 2005.

The first Wills Day we did for the Salvos involved me, Paralegal Debbie Sage and graduate Angela Harry.  From memory, there were only 10-15 people who came along. Fast forward to 2020 and we have 5 lawyers attending the Wills Day with over 70 participants at Southport on Tuesday 10th November.  We have already conducted Wills Days at our Kingscliff, Coolangatta and Robina Town Centre offices this year, with over 75 people provided with Wills.  Many people also opt to have Enduring Powers of Attorney documents drafted on their behalf.  These numbers have also been severely impacted by COVID-19 and would have dramatically increased had it not been for the restrictions.

We are very proud to be associated with such a respected and long-standing charity.

It has been a real privilege for the lawyers in our firm to help this very worthy charity.  It is a great opportunity to promote the importance of people having a properly drafted and current Will and at the same time help generate much needed income for such an important arm of the Salvation Army in the Still Waters women’s support and accommodation service.  In this time of escalating domestic violence, we are very proud to assist in this most critical area of care.

It’s not only the fee charged for the preparation of the Will, which is donated to the Salvos, the process also encourages people to make a bequest in their Wills to the Salvos.

The act of providing for a charity in your Will is often overlooked by people.  However, it performs a very important function in providing critical financial assistance to charities.  We actively encourage people to consider donating to a worthy charity and placing this as a bequest in their Will.

Statistics show that a majority of people either do not have a Will or have not updated their Will to ensure that their affairs are in order in the event that they unexpectedly pass away.

It continues to surprise us that such a high percentage of people either don’t have a Will or have not updated their Will for a very long time.  The Salvos Wills Days provides a great opportunity for people to have their Will done professionally at a very modest cost.  The great thing about the scheme is that the cost of having your Will done with the Salvos ($75.00) is donated to the charity and you have your Will done professionally by Attwood Marshall Lawyers for the cost of that donation.  We recommend that people get in touch with the Salvos and book themselves in to have their Wills done under this fantastic scheme.

With 5 experienced and dedicated Wills & Estates Lawyers in attendance, the Attwood Marshall Lawyers team will be providing their services free of charge to prepare simple Wills for people who registered for the program.

All proceeds from the program will go to Still Waters Refuge so that they can continue their tireless work helping women and children in crisis.

Read more about the charities and clubs Attwood Marshall Lawyers supports. 

Still Waters Refuge

Still Waters is The Salvation Army’s Gold Coast Supported Accommodation service providing immediate temporary support accommodation for women, and women with accompanying children who are faced with crisis and in need of safe and secure accommodation.

The Salvation Army is the largest provider of homelessness services in Australia. As the Gold Coast has one of the highest rates of homelessness, supporting accommodation services is more imperative than ever before.

The Salvation Army Wills Day with Attwood Marshall Lawyers
Pictured: Salvation Army Bequests Manager Tony Welsh, Attwood Marshall Lawyers Donna Tolley, Natalie Comerford, Rhiannon Garrett, Romy Garrett and Zoe Penman with Salvation Army representative Ron Southall at the Gold Coast Salvation Army Temple, Southport for Community Wills Day.

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Jeff Garrett

Legal Practice Director
Wills & Estates, Estate Litigation, Property & Commercial, Compensation Law, Commercial Litigation, Criminal Law, Racing & Equine Law

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