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ABC's Four Corners Program Reveals Public Trustee Horror Stories

On Monday 14th March 2022, Australia’s leading investigative journalism program, Four Corners, aired “State Control: Australians trapped, stripped of assets and silenced”. The program investigated the stories of Australians who state they have been abducted by the state, deprived of their assets and stopped from speaking out.

Attwood Marshall Lawyers Legal Practice Director, Jeff Garrett, joined the program as part of his ongoing commitment to advocate for change and try to hold the Public Trustee accountable for their shortcomings.  In the report, Jeff comments on the Public Trustee’s mismanagement in relation to people’s affairs, the conflict of interest in relation to dealing with the funds of the people they manage, and the exorbitant fees the Public Trustee charge people under their management.

“By definition, they are only acting for vulnerable people because those people have lost the capacity to handle their own affairs. And that’s where it gets really sticky because they owe those people a fiduciary duty, a statutory duty to do the best thing by them and look after their affairs. And they’re failing miserably in relation to that issue,” explains Attwood Marshall Lawyers Legal Practice Jeff Garrett in the Four Corners report. 

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