Commercial Litigation & Dispute Resolution Lawyers

Being involved in a dispute can be a very stressful experience, both emotionally and financially. If you find yourself in this situation, it is important to seek legal advice as quickly as possible.

Like most problems, it is in our nature to push difficult issues aside and simply hope they go away. Sometimes the problem is not as serious as you think and can be dealt with quite easily with some help from an experienced dispute resolution lawyer who knows what they are doing.

We have dedicated commercial litigation lawyers who will investigate your matter and provide you with helpful, practical advice on the options available to you so that you can move on with your life. No matter the type of dispute you are faced with, we can provide support. We have extensive experience assisting with class actions, lease disputes, defamation claims, debt recovery, property-related disputes, building and construction disputes, professional negligence claims, disputes with banks and insurance companies, disputes over contracts, and other business disputes..

It is our goal to keep you informed every step of the way and tailor our approach to best suit the nature and complexity of each matter. We are able to act for large entities right through to small businesses and individuals.

In cases where commercial litigation or class actions are necessary, our lawyers have extensive experience in all major courts and all alternative dispute resolution processes.

We will fight fiercely for you and your rights.

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Our specialty areas include:

Property Disputes

If you are an owner, co-owner, tenant, landlord, agent, buyer, seller, body corporate or any other stakeholder in a property, we can provide you advice and trusted representation for all property matters and disputes, including lodgement and removal of caveats.

Building & Construction Disputes

We provide comprehensive advice to building, construction and engineering companies as well as independent contractors and homeowners regarding a wide range of building matters, your rights under home building contracts and home warranty insurance claims.

Professional Negligence

Have you dealt with a professional who has breached their duty to act with reasonable care and skill, and you have suffered a financial loss? We can help.

Banking, Finance & Insurance Disputes

Has your insurance claim been rejected? Have you received bad or incorrect financial advice? Have a complaint regarding irresponsible lending practices? We can help.

Contract & Consumer Disputes

If you have purchased a product or service which is faulty or not up to standard, or if you are owed money in a business (or personal) context, we can assist you in seeking compensation including via protections provided under the Australian Consumer Law (previously Trade Practices legislation).

Company & Business Disputes (including Partnership Disputes)

Giving you expert advice to resolve business and company disputes quickly and cost-effectively. We can help you resolve disputes between shareholders, directors and partners as well as use effective strategies to assist with buyouts and shareholder oppression issues.

Liquidation & Bankruptcy

If you or your business are facing liquidation or bankruptcy, or if you are being pursued by a liquidator or bankruptcy trustee, we can assist you through this challenging time and guide your business towards a successful outcome.

We also represent clients for:

We want to help you protect your intellectual capital and can assist in defending intellectual property disputes in order to safeguard your brand.

Intellectual property refers to an intangible and tangible creation by a person which can include designs, symbols, names, images, music, and art, that can be linked to a business and to commerce.

It’s not uncommon for most businesses to have intellectual property that protects and markets their respective business. Call our Intellectual Property Lawyers to discuss your rights on 1800 621 071.

With extensive experience in both residential and commercial leasing disputes, our Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution lawyers focus on making the process as smooth as possible to resolve leasing disputes quickly.

The common disputes we assist with include:

Commercial Leasing Disputes
– Water leaks and damage to property;
– Market rental reviews;
– Rental relief from forfeiture;
– Structural building issues;
– Recovering unpaid rent.

Residential Leasing Disputes
– Fair wear and tear disputes;
– Structural issues;
– Recovering unpaid rent;
– Evicting residential tenants.

Our goal is to work with you to resolve your matter as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible, whether you are attempting to recover money from an individual or corporate entity.

We can assist in all defamation matters to help you protect your personal reputation, or your business’s reputation, in the instance where something has been written, said or published about you which can damage your reputation.

In the world of social media and ‘fake news’, defamation is an ever-growing litigious action which can impact anyone. If you believe that you have suffered damaged as a result of another person’s actions, contact our Defamation Lawyers on 1800 621 071 to discuss your matter and enforce your rights.

Trusts can be one of the most complex legal structures, especially when used for business or personal transactions. Trusts can also be legally implied in the context of the ownership of assets including real property. Attwood Marshall Lawyers can help assist you if a trust dispute arises, no matter how complex the dispute may be.

There are many cost-effective and timely ways to resolve disputes with a body corporate, whether you are a manager, committee member or owner.

If you and a group of people have a similar cause of action against one or multiple entities, you might be eligible to commence a class action which is a powerful and cost-effective method of seeking compensation. We have extensive experience in prosecuting and defending clients involved in class actions.

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