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With one of the largest and most experienced Wills and Estates departments in Australia, our compassionate team are ready to assist you with all matters relating to Wills, estate planning, estate administration and estate litigation. We are here to help you plan for your future and ensure your family’s interests and your estate are protected.

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Our specialty areas include:

Estate Planning

Estate planning doesn’t need to be a daunting process! We help make it simple and straightforward for you. You can have comfort in knowing your legal affairs are in order. Whether you require in-depth strategies to protect a complex estate, or need a simple Will drafted, we can help.

Estate Administration

Attwood Marshall Lawyers have a dedicated team who are highly skilled in the complex area of estate administration and probate. We understand that the process of administering an estate comes at a time you are already under great stress after losing a loved one. We can guide you through the estate administration process to help you move forward.

Contesting Wills

We offer an extensive estate dispute resolution service. Our comprehensive experience covers all aspects of estate litigation, including contesting Wills, defending Will disputes, family provision applications, assisting beneficiaries and Executors with understanding their legal rights, and Public Trustee and Guardian litigation. We can help you get what you are entitled to, or if you are an Executor or Administrator of an estate, help you protect the wishes of the deceased.

Aged Care

We are dedicated to ensuring you are always being looked after at every stage of your life. Our elder law team can provide you with legal advice that is highly personalised and that can help you make the most important decisions you are faced with when planning your retirement or transitioning into aged care.

Are you a first responder or frontline health worker?

To say thank you for your dedication, commitment, and the sacrifices you make every day to serve the community, we want to help you preserve your wishes and plan for the future. We are excited to offer our “Free Wills for First Responders and Frontline Health Workers Program”. Have your Will drafted for free by an experienced estate planning lawyer today. 

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