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Wills & Estates Senior Associate Debbie Sage will join Robyn Hyland to talk about the importance of planning for end-of-life care and what options are available.

Attwood Marshall Lawyers expands aged services to help people navigate aged care with confidence – Bindy Marshall joins team


As Australia’s ageing population increases, the demand for specialised advice in the aged care sector has never been greater. Recognising this need, Attwood Marshall Lawyers has recently expanded its Aged Care department to provide comprehensive guidance to individuals and families facing the challenges of retirement planning and aged care transitions.

Led by Partner Debbie Sage, our Aged Care department has gone from strength to strength since it was formed in 2015 as a sub-department of our large Wills and Estates team.

Last month, we welcomed Bindy Marshall, an experienced aged care advocate and liaison officer, to further enhance our team’s capabilities.

Today, we want to shine a spotlight on our department and highlight the invaluable support it provides to our elderly community.

Navigating the retirement village and aged care sector in Australia can be an incredibly daunting due to its complexity. Having an expert on side to navigate the financial and legal considerations is vital.

For many families, the need for such expertise becomes apparent when an elderly relative faces a sudden health decline or injury, usually landing them in hospital, only to be told they will be unable to return home. This often leaves family members distraught, facing the daunting task of relocating their loved one to an aged care facility within a limited timeframe.

However, not all transitions to aged care occur under such urgent circumstances. Some individuals choose to plan ahead, ensuring a smoother transition before any health issues arise.

When time is of the essence and the system seems overwhelming, having an experienced advisor can make all the difference.

They can guide you through the process of an ACAT assessment, help you understand what documents you will need to complete, and the process involved in securing a placement for your loved one. This service is designed to ensure your loved one’s best interests are protected, and you do not experience unnecessary delays during a challenging time.

“Our goal is to empower our clients to navigate the complexities of aged care with confidence and peace of mind,” says Debbie. “We understand the importance of providing not only legal expertise but also empathy and understanding during what can be a challenging time for many individuals and their families.”

Our aged care services cover various crucial aspects, including:

  • Advice and assistance with facilitating your transition to aged care (respite and permanent);
  • Reviewing and explaining retirement village leases and service contracts to ensure clarity on your rights and obligations.
  • Reviewing and providing clear explanations of aged care resident agreements, covering care services, costs, and your rights within the facility.
  • Reviewing home care package agreements and ensuring you understand the terms.
  • Offering advice on the legal implications of acting as a guarantor for a loved one’s aged care costs.
  • Reviewing your estate plan to ensure it takes in your change of circumstances, protects your assets and secures your legacy.
  • Assisting in drafting and finalising granny flat agreements between family members for dual living arrangements.

It’s important that any document you are given is reviewed by an experienced aged care lawyer before you sign it.

Our lawyers specialise in the aged care sector and are passionate about ensuring their clients get the very best deal for their circumstances. With strong industry relationships, we can provide comprehensive estate planning, retirement, and aged care advice.

Moreover, we have the ability of being able to tap into our other legal departments internally where necessary – for example our Wills and Estates team can draft or update Wills, Advanced Health Directives or Enduring Power of Attorney and/or Appointment of Enduring Guardian (which are often required before entering a facility).

If selling the family home becomes necessary to finance the move to aged care, our dedicated property law team can assist with property transactions.

Additionally, we offer attorney services for clients who wish to appoint us as their attorney under an Enduring Power of Attorney. This decision requires careful consideration, and we have the expertise to act as your voice, advocate, and guardian in incapacitating circumstances.

The Aged Care team

Attwood Marshall Lawyers Aged Care department is headed up by Partner Debbie Sage, who has over 20 years’ experience working in the field of Wills and Estates.

Debbie’s vision has been instrumental in shaping our Aged Care services, grounded in the belief that every senior deserves robust legal protection and support during their transition to aged care or retirement living.

She is passionate about fighting for change and advocates for the safety and wellbeing of the elderly community. Last year Debbie was named as a finalist in the Gold Coast Bulletin Women of the Year Awards as well as the Lawyers Weekly Women in law Awards. Both were in recognition of all the hard work she does advocating for the safety and wellbeing of the elderly community.

Both Debbie and Senior Associate Larisa Kapur are Accredited Aged Care Professionals. Their accreditation with Aged Care Steps is widely recognised as the gold standard for training in aged care advisory, and underscores Debbie’s and Larisa’s dedication to assisting elderly clients.

The program equips professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complexities of aged care, ultimately empowering them to guide their clients in making well-informed decisions about their options.

Bindy Marshall, who joined the firm in March 2024, is a seasoned aged care advocate known for her unwavering dedication to assisting seniors and their families.

Previously, she worked as an aged care liaison officer for a specialist advisory firm on the Gold Coast for many years, where she built up a wealth of knowledge in navigating the intricate financial side of aged care for clients.

Bindy has become thoroughly embedded in the local community and can now boast a wide network of contacts across the aged care industry, allowing her to act quickly, mobilizing resources and connecting clients with the right experts when they need it most.

Attwood Marshall Lawyers – supporting people at every stage of life

The firm has offices in conveniently placed locations in major shopping centres at Coolangatta, Robina Town Centre and Southport, with plenty of parking or close to public transport to make it as easy as possible to visit lawyers and obtain face to face advice.

We also have offices in Kingscliff, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, ensuring that clients throughout Australia have access to the same high-quality legal services.

For those who are unable to attend our offices for health reasons or other restrictions, our lawyers frequently visit their clients at hospitals, retirement villages and aged care facilities.

Whether you’re considering retirement living options, navigating aged care agreements, or estate planning, Attwood Marshall Lawyers is here to help.

To explore your options, please contact our Aged Care and Wills and Estates Department Manager, Donna Tolley, on direct line 07 5506 8241, email or free call 1800 621 071.

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