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Our lawyers across the Gold Coast are dedicated to ensuring that our clients’ estates are prepared and managed in the way that they intended.

Estate Planning is a topic that none of us like to consider for very long, but it is one that is of vital importance to ensure your final wishes are carried out. Attwood Marshall’s leading Estate Planning Lawyers service the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Northern New South Wales with a firm commitment to making sure your assets and loved ones are taken care of after you are gone.

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Angela Harry – Partner Wills & Estates

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Our Specialty Areas:

Our dedicated Estate Lawyers Gold Coast and Brisbane wide are diversely experienced and familiar with all areas of Estate Planning. We are proud to deliver an individually tailored and considerate service to all our clients, to ensure your estate is organised and administered the way you want.

We can assist you in all specialty areas of Estate Planning, including:


Having a legal, properly prepared Will is vitally important to ensure your final wishes concerning the distribution of your estate are carried out.  read more

Testamentary Trust Wills

To ensure your assets remain within the family for their use and benefit, a Testamentary Trust should also be considered.
read more

Special Disability Trusts

Similar to Testamentary Trusts, Special Disability Trusts are established by parents and immediate family members of a person with a severe disability or medical condition, with a sole focus on safeguarding their current and future care. read more

Enduring Power of Attorney (QLD)

In Queensland, a Power of Attorney gives another person (your attorney) the authority to act on your behalf in managing your affairs, during your lifetime. While a General Power of Attorney authorises your attorney to handle your affairs in your absence, an Enduring Power of Attorney gives them the authority to continue act for you even if you lose capacity to make decisions due to an injury or medical condition. read more

Advance Health Directive (QLD)

To ensure your assets remain within the family for their use and benefit, a Testamentary Trust should also be considered.
read more

Enduring Power of Attorney (NSW)

In New South Wales, an Enduring Power of Attorney gives another person the legal authority to make financial decisions on your behalf while an Appointment of Enduring Guardian gives them the power to make medical and lifestyle decisions on your behalf. read more

Superannuation Beneficiary Death Benefit Nominations

Your superannuation may be one of your most valuable assets, but it is not covered by your Will as it isn’t automatically considered as part of your estate.
read more

Granny Flat Agreements

Granny Flat Agreements allow parents to transfer property rights or the funds from selling their home to their children, for a lifetime right.
read more

Contesting Wills

A Will contest is a challenge to a Will, usually initiated by a family member or a beneficiary who feels slighted by the testator’s choice of property distribution.
read more

Estate Disputes and Estate Litigation

Estate disputes between surviving family members and relatives are unfortunately a very common occurrence, requiring professional dispute resolution to assist executors, co-executors and trustees of a Will come to an agreeable outcome.
read more

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