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When you are facing contentious family issues, we understand the stakes are high and how important it is to have the best family lawyer on your side. You are going through one of life’s toughest fights; what you need is considered legal action by a family lawyer who knows that your children and home are the most important things to you.

We are of the view that no two cases are the same and are dedicated to listening to your needs, assessing your personal situation, setting goals and formulating a strategy to best achieve those goals in the most affordable way.

With a strong emphasis on dispute resolution and negotiation, Attwood Marshall Lawyers is one of the few family law firms that can provide clients with dispute resolution options without resorting to litigation, which can be financially and emotionally draining for everyone involved.

In some cases, court intervention is the only option, and we are always ready to support you through the court process. Our reputation for successfully conducting complex cases in Family Law Courts, the State Magistrates and Local Court is highly regarded in the industry. 

Family situations can be greatly exacerbated in cases involving children, family violence, jointly owned property or businesses, and jointly-owned debts.

Ironically, separated spouses or partners are required to make the most important decisions regarding children, property and related matters at the most difficult and vulnerable time in their lives. Let us help you resolve your matter so you and your family can move on with your life and put this difficult time behind you.

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Our specialty areas include:


We can assist you with preparing and lodging, or responding to, an Application for Divorce.

Parenting Disputes

Children's matters are one of the most sensitive areas of family law, especially if there are disputes regarding children's living arrangements. We understand the difficulties of these situations and our focus is to help you negotiate with your former partner and reach an agreement about what is the best arrangement for your children.

Property Disputes & Spousal Maintenance

If your relationship ends and you need to divide shared property, it’s important to obtain the right advice to ensure the division is fair to both parties and that you formalise your agreement in a legally binding way.

Financial Agreements

There are different types of financial agreements available to couples to provide peace of mind in the event of a relationship breakdown. Family law property disputes can be extremely costly, so if you can establish an understanding early on, it can save you a lot of stress and money in the long run. You can enter a financial agreement either before a marriage or de facto relationship commences, during the relationship, or after separation or divorce.

Child Support

After separation, both parents are expected to continue to financially support their children. Child support is expected to cover a child's daily costs of living, education fees, medical expenses and the costs associated with taking part in sports or extra-curricular activities.


Our family lawyers specialise in providing comprehensive legal advice to individuals and couples seeking to grow their family through surrogacy.

Domestic & Family Violence

Attwood Marshall Lawyers can provide swift assistance with completing and submitting Application for Protection Orders or Apprehended Violence Orders. We provide advice you can trust on all domestic and family violence related matters and are here to support you in your time of need.

Financial assistance for family law matters

Are financial concerns hindering your ability to navigate legal proceedings post-separation? JustFund can provide flexible and accessible solutions, improving access to justice and financial security.

As an accredited partner of JustFund, Attwood Marshall Lawyers is pleased to offer clients an exclusive funding option for eligible family law matters. 

JustFund is Australia’s premier family law finance provider, offering a line of credit designed specifically for individuals going through separation. This financial assistance enables you to cover legal fees and disbursements.

Simply make an application, and once approved, you can draw down on your line of credit as needed to pay legal bills and disbursements. Unlike a traditional loan, you only repay the loan when you finalise your legal matter and you only repay from the settlement proceeds you receive.

Due to the unique nature of a line of credit for family law fees, JustFund looks beyond what a traditional lender sees and are not fixated on things like your credit score, employment history, or income when considering eligibility. Instead, JustFund assesses the individual behind each application and their legal entitlement holistically, on a case-by-case basis.

Attwood Marshall Lawyers can apply to JustFund on your behalf. Your lawyer will provide the necessary information to speed up the assessment process.

You will be required to complete a final questionnaire provided by JustFund, who will then assess your case (typically within one week).

Upon approval, you’ll need to e-sign an Agreement and Letter of Instruction. JustFund will advance funds for your legal expenses until your matter settles.

When your matter concludes, repay your loan from what you receive from your property settlement.

Frequently Asked Questions

At settlement of your matter, you will be required to repay the funds you’ve used, plus:

  • An assessment and administration fee. This fee starts from $590 for credit lines up to $15,000. You do not pay this fee upfront. It is repaid at settlement.
  • A monthly fee of $49 per month. You do not pay this fee each month. It is repaid in lump sum at settlement.
  • Interest – variable rate. Interest is repaid at settlement and does not compound. Interest is calculated on the total drawn balance from the date of the funding agreement, based on what the interest rate is at the time.

Property matters and parenting matters that are connected to a property matter. Unfortunately, parenting matters on their own cannot be funded through JustFund.

There is no maximum amount you can borrow. The minimum loan amount is $5,000.

You only pay back the amount you used for your legal matter. 

Taking security is not always a requirement. JustFund will assess security requirements on a case-by-case basis. Funding can still be provided if you’re not on property title.

For further information on applying for a JustFund loan for a family law matter, you can contact JustFund by calling 1300 644 980 or visiting

The importance of having an expert family law team behind you

Unlike other generalist law firms, Attwood Marshall Lawyers stands out with a dedicated team of lawyers and senior paralegals that practice exclusively in family law. 

Within the team, we bring together the expertise of Special Counsel Hayley Condon, who has over 18 years of extensive experience in all aspects of family law, with a particular passion for handling challenging cases involving entrenched property disputes. 

Additionally, we have Senior Associate Carlu Booth, a seasoned legal professional with over 20 years industry experience. 

Supporting the family law team is Consulting Special Counsel Michael Twohill, a formidable courtroom advocate with over 40 years of experience. The team is backed by a proficient team of driven family lawyers and senior paralegals who are extremely passionate about helping families through some of their toughest times. 

When you turn to us for legal support, rest assured that you will get all our time, attention, and expertise to back you up when you need it most.

When you are dealing with family law matters, you often have other overlapping legal issues you may need to consider. 

Our family law team are supported by our other specialist departments who can also assist you with related matters outside of family law, such as reviewing your Will, Power of Attorney or estate plan following a separation, estate disputes, as well as assistance with purchasing or selling a business or property.

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