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When people reach retirement and are planning for their future health care needs and living arrangements, there can be a lot to consider. We can make the process easier and ensure our clients make decisions that reflect their best interests.

At Attwood Marshall Lawyers, our team believe in building strong relationships with financial planners, medical professionals, and aged care professionals to be able to offer a holistic approach when helping clients find solutions to meet their retirement, estate planning, and aged care needs. 

When someone reaches a stage in their life when they may need to move into an aged care facility, there is a lot to factor in, including ensuring their estate plan is in order and any documents they need, such as an Enduring Power of Attorney, Advance Health Directive, or a Will, are up to date and reflect that person’s current state of affairs. 

As one of the few law firms with an in-house accredited aged care professional, we have the knowledge and expertise to guide our clients throughout the process and support them in their retirement plans. 

We’re Accessible

We pride ourselves on being accessible to our clients. If clients require appointments outside of regular business hours, our team are available Thursday nights and Saturday mornings at our Robina Town Centre office. If attending one of our offices is a challenge, our team regularly visit clients at hospitals, aged care facilities, and other locations when required. 

We know that when it comes to legal matters, there are many clients who need advice urgently, so we are readily available. We also have a 24/7 phone line so anyone can reach us around the clock if their matter is critical.  Call 1800 621 071 to speak with our team any time. 

Our Expertise

Attwood Marshall Lawyers are proud to boast one of the largest and most experienced Elder Law and Wills and Estates departments in Australia.  Our expert legal team can assist with estate planning, asset protection, and dispute resolution for any disputes that arise over Wills and estates. 

We can also assist executors and administrators with the administration process after someone passes away.  

Our specialty services include:

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Meet Accredited Aged Care Professional, Debbie Sage

Attwood Marshall Lawyers Wills and Estates Senior Associate, Debbie Sage, obtained an Aged Care Professional Accreditation in 2020 after completing the Accredited Aged Care Professional Program through Aged Care Steps. Debbie represents clients who live in aged care facilities and those approaching that next stage of life and transitioning into aged care.

With a strong reputation for being passionate about elder law and the aged care industry, Debbie is driven to help her clients make the right choice to suit their unique circumstances when investigating aged care options and forming their retirement plan. 

Debbie offers her clients insight and information into:

  • The aged care industry
  • The various choices available in aged care accommodation
  • Aged Care Assessments (ACAT) and how they work
  • Centrelink and Veteran’s Affairs
  • Residential care fees and what people need to understand when entering into a Retirement Village Agreement or Aged Care Facility Agreement
  • Estate planning and what documents people should have in place when entering an aged care facility.

The aged care industry is complex and can be overwhelming for many people when trying to understand what their best option may be. Debbie is able to give her clients the confidence to make decisions they are comfortable with that suit their financial and personal preferences and reflect their best interests.

In addition to providing aged care legal services, Debbie also specialises in the administration of deceased estates. She practices exclusively in Wills and Estates and Aged Care in both Queensland and New South Wales jurisdictions.

Free Wills for First Responders & Frontline Health Workers

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we wanted to give back and help the workers that constantly support the community. To say thank you to frontline health workers and first responders for their dedication, commitment, and the sacrifices they make every day serving our community, we launched our “Free Wills for First Responders and Frontline Health Workers” Program and now offer our Will-making services for free to eligible clients! What this means is that you can get your affairs in order and have a Will drafted by one of our experienced estate planning lawyers free of charge.

The offer includes:

  • A 30-minute estate planning review to provide you with advice on any strategies you may want to consider to ensure your assets are protected and your wishes can be fulfilled if the unexpected happens.
  • 1 Free Will prepared by an experienced estate planning lawyer.

Book your FREE Will appointment today!

Meet our Wills & Estates and Aged Care team

Each of our departments is managed by a Department Manager with extensive experience and impeccable customer service skills. 
The Department Manager will review the enquiry and confirm that it is a matter we are able to help with and then immediately direct the matter to the right lawyer to suit the client’s needs.
The Department Manager will make an appointment for the client to see the appropriate lawyer and take care of all necessary arrangements, supporting the client throughout the process. 



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