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Wills & Estates Senior Associate Debbie Sage will join Robyn Hyland to talk about the importance of planning for end-of-life care and what options are available.
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Natalie Comerford - Lawyer - Wills & Estates
Natalie Comerford is a passionate Wills and Estates Lawyer. She helps clients by working with them to create a comprehensive estate plan that reflects their individual circumstances, preferences and wishes.

Natalie joined Attwood Marshall Lawyers in February 2020 as a Law Graduate and completed her Practical Legal Training (PLT) while working in the Wills and Estates department. Natalie was admitted to practice in November 2020.

Being a Wills and Estates Lawyer was a career change for Natalie. Prior to joining Attwood Marshall Lawyers, she worked as a Special Education teacher for 10 years, only leaving the education field to pursue her lifelong interest in law.

At Attwood Marshall Lawyers, Natalie enjoys listening to the needs and wishes of her clients and working with them to create a comprehensive estate plan that ensures their legacy is left according to their wishes.

With a history of working with people with special needs, Natalie is a strong communicator and shows compassion and empathy in all the work she does. She is passionate about ensuring vulnerable members of our community are protected and have a voice. Fundamentally, she enjoys being a member of and contributing to a community.

By studying law later in life, she says she has benefited from a more in-depth appreciation of society and the systems in place necessary to navigate it. She was led to the career change after a series of elements aligned, including the development of her own values system and an understanding of who she was and what was important to her.

Estate planning supports her love of administrative order and using her knowledge and education to support people within the community. The area of law also provides her with opportunities to use her analytical ability to mitigate potential conflicts over property and money.

Natalie's qualifications include:

  • Bachelor of Laws;
  • Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice;
  • Bachelor of Early Childhood;
  • Graduate Diploma in Education.

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