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Mieke Elzer - Lawyer - Property & Commercial
Mieke Elzer is an experienced Property and Commercial Law Associate working across both NSW and QLD jurisdictions

Mieke holds a Bachelor of Social Science, Majoring in Government Policy Studies, and a Bachelor of Laws with First Class Honours from Southern Cross University (SCU).

During the last eight years, she has worked in several areas of law, including property and commercial, criminal, family law, wills and estates, debt recovery, and personal injury claims.

Mieke is a valuable member of our property and commercial team and is highly experienced in a wide range of matters and practices in both New South Wales and Queensland jurisdictions.

She can assist with residential and commercial conveyancing when buying or selling property, off-the-plan purchases, body corporate services, business sales, and advice on loan documents.

Bringing a wealth of experience, Mieke provides her clients with clear information and solutions for their legal questions in a timely and friendly manner. She employs an ethics of care approach to her legal practice and strongly believes in the importance of listening to her clients and building relationships with colleagues.

Mieke is also very interested in comparative law, legal pluralism, and social change, particularly when applied to the areas of environmental protection and Indigenous rights. She actively collaborates with several not-for-profit organisations on this front and is involved in researching the emerging area of law known as “earth law.”

Drawing predominately on Indigenous worldviews, earth law envisages our legal system, particularly our property and environmental law frameworks, from an earth-connected perspective rather than a human-centred perspective.

Mieke plans to complete a PhD in the next 5-10 years and hopes to eventually be able to use her research, alongside her knowledge of property, corporate, and commercial law to help facilitate a shift away from the current environmental/development law paradigm towards business practices and legal systems that respect the inherent rights of nature to exist and flourish.

Mieke is an advocate for Indigenous rights and is conversational in the language of the Gumbaynggirr Peoples, custodians of the land where she grew up. Mieke says learning about Gumbaynggirr worldviews has been instrumental in her employing a relational philosophy to all areas of her life including her practice as a lawyer.

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