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Funeral Insurance, Free Will Kit – Peace of mind or not!


Almost everyday on the television or radio we hear advertisements reminding us that we will all need a funeral one day and of the sometimes exorbitant costs which may be involved and which in many cases need to be borne by our loved ones left behind.

These advertisements invariably also offer a Free Will Kitto save your loved ones from the heartache surrounding the death of a loved one who does not have a legal Will.

Many listeners will be tempted to take up this offer for their own peace of mind believing that they have dotted their ‘I’s and crossed their ‘t’s correctly for last time so that their family left behind will have no further worries in this very sad time.

Whilst the funeral is taken care of professionally with the insurance in place, unfortunately as these Will kits are rarely completed, executed and witnessed correctly,  the estate of the deceased is often in complete disarray and the deceased’s final wishes are left to be decided through sometimes costly battles through the Courts.  Even Peter Brock did not complete his Will kit correctly and a lengthy battle has ensued for his remaining blended family.  Had Brock taken the time to ensure his wishes were validly recorded, he would have saved his family additional pain and suffering. This case serves to highlight the dangers of ‘do it yourself’ will kits and the importance of ensuring your estate is in order.

If you are taking the time to ensure that you have a professionally organized and dignified funeral we strongly suggest that you seek professional advice to truly ensure peace of mind for both your family and yourself.

To obtain further advice on your Estate Planning please contact our Department Manager, Donna Tolley, on direct line (07) 5506 8241 or by email on an appointment.

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