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Wills & Estates

Attwood Marshall Lawyers have a dedicated Brisbane team that practice exclusively in this area of law. Our team is driven to help people resolve these contentious issues effectively so that you can move on from the matter.

Disputes over Wills can be very sensitive and emotionally charged issues that arise when a loved one dies. These types of disputes can put additional strain on relationships that may already be in a fragile state. Our team have the knowledge and experience to support you during this emotional time and guide you to a positive outcome.

Our estate litigation lawyers can help with:

  • Contesting a Will
  • Making a Family Provision Application
  • Defending a dispute
  • Challenging the validity of a Will
  • Removing the Public Trustee of Queensland or resolving other disputes that may arise when dealing with these types of organisations.

We are able to assist with not only Queensland related matters, but we also have the state-specific knowledge and experience to handle estate litigation cases in New South Wales and Victoria. We will help you get through this difficult time.

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Our Brisbane estate litigation services include:

Contesting Wills

We want to help you get what you are entitled to if you have been unfairly left out of a Will, or you have not been left adequate provision. We can help you understand your legal rights and what your prospects of success may be to make a Family Provision Claim.

Defending Wills

Our dedicated Brisbane lawyers are impelled to protect the wishes of the deceased. We can help you uphold the integrity of the Will and fulfil the deceased’s testamentary intentions. Family Provision Claims can be stressful for everyone involved; however, it is our intent to support you every step of the way.

Challenging Wills

If you are concerned about the validity of a Will because you believe it was executed under suspicious circumstances or undue influence, or you do not believe the Will-maker had the testamentary capacity required at the time they made the document, we can help you challenge the Will in court.

Executor & Beneficiary Disputes

Attwood Marshall Lawyers have extensive experience in resolving disputes that can arise between Executors and beneficiaries. By providing expert advice and dispute resolution strategies, our Brisbane lawyers can help you understand your rights, duties, and obligations.

Public Trustee & Guardian Disputes

We can help you resolve disputes or seek compensation if you have had problems dealing with the Public Trustee of Queensland.

Statutory Wills

If you need to make an application for a Statutory Will in order to provide assurance to a minor or someone who lacks capacity, we can help.

Estate Litigation Lawyers in Brisbane – we’re here to help

By choosing Attwood Marshall Lawyers, you can expect:

  • Specialist advice you can trust: Our Brisbane estate litigation team practice exclusively in contesting Wills and estate disputes. 
  • Transparency and regular communication: Our lawyers are trained to listen and connect with our clients. You won’t be treated like just a number. Attwood Marshall Lawyers takes great pride in ensuring we deliver the best possible client experience. Our lawyers are exceptional communicators and explain everything to you in a clear and simple way. You’ll know where you stand every step of the way and have complete access to your lawyer.
  • No Win, No Fee or deferred payment options*: We offer our No Win, No Fee promise. This means there are no upfront costs, and you can proceed with your claim as quickly as possible. (*Approved cases only).
  • Convenience: If you are unable to make an appointment during regular business hours, our team can arrange to consult with you over the phone, by video conference, or at an alternative time and location that suits you.

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