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Wills & Estates Senior Associate Debbie Sage will join Robyn Hyland to talk about the importance of planning for end-of-life care and what options are available.
Melissa Summergreene - Media & Marketing - Manager Administration
Melissa Summergreene is a creative marketing and design professional with a career spanning over 18 years.

Melissa provides refined skills in design and marketing and enjoys the diversity her role gives her. She is able to juggle multiple tasks at any time and is extremely disciplined when working towards tight deadlines.

With a sixth sense for understanding a stakeholder’s needs, she is able to deliver marketing strategies that reflect a brand’s identity and delivers the brand’s message authentically.

Melissa joined Attwood Marshall Lawyers in 2020, after fulfilling the role of Brand Manager for over 7 years at a non-bank lender, and having spent over 6 years prior to that in the role of Production Co-ordinator, heading up the Advertising Features Department at the Gold Coast Bulletin.

She has a thorough understanding of the processes required to see a project through from initial concept to finished product, coordinating all aspects and communicating effectively with all stakeholders.

As a dedicated team member, Melissa is passionate about assisting Attwood Marshall Lawyers deliver their intent, which is to help people and change their lives for the better.

She enjoys working for a firm that delivers what they promise, and who stand up for those who need it most.

She always embraces innovation and technology and creates fresh content and products to meet the needs of the business, helping with client engagement, lead generation and ensuring Attwood Marshall Lawyers continue to provide the best customer experience possible.


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