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Attwood Marshall Lawyers Property Services – Experience, Availability and Convenience


You have done all the hard work and obtained an offer from the buyers for the property you have listed. They ask you for a referral to a property lawyer. Do you give them the old ‘3 card trick’ and provide them with 3 alternative firms? Why not do your homework and give a proper referral to a good legal firm with an excellent reputation?

Attwood Marshall Lawyers has the experience, local knowledge and communication skills to make sure that your property transaction is as smooth and as stress free as possible. We have a dedicated property team with the support of our Litigation department – over 12 lawyers and paralegals, supported by 2 department managers (QLD & NSW) and support staff. You won’t be told ‘that person only works on Thursdays’ here! We have the resources to get the work done properly.

We are one of the largest firms on the Gold Coast/Tweed Coast and have over 50 staff. We are one of the few ‘all services’ legal firms that can cover all client’s legal needs.

We did a recent poll of agents and the most important things for them from lawyers were:-

  1. To be kept informed of critical dates on the day they are due – eg cooling off; finance; pest & building. If we get the advice through at 5.15pm we will let you know straight away – not the next morning;
  2. To be informed of any possible problems ASAP so you have an opportunity to resolve them – sometimes it is an easy thing to fix before it blows up;
  3. Be organised and make sure it is ready to settle on the due date and send through the authorities as soon as it settles (even if the settlement agent has to take a photo of the authority and text it through!).

We have very good systems and electronic bring ups that help our people work efficiently but in the end it is experience, organisational and communication skills that make a difference in these matters – it could be the difference in the matter settling on the due date and your hard won commission being paid! Our staff are well trained and being available is their priority. Everyone gets busy but we think we have the resources to stay on top of the work load and get things done.

Moving house is one of the most stressful events in people’s lives and you should make sure your client’s use experienced lawyers to act on their behalf in this very important transaction.  Many people pay more for their car insurance than they expect to pay for their conveyancing services when they buy or sell a property.  If you compare the dollar value of the property that people are buying and selling, it is a no brainer that they should be using professional and experienced lawyers to act for them in the transaction.  Don’t accept the general opinion that it is just “legal paperwork” or that this transaction can be done “on the cheap”.  Please ensure that you protect your client’s investment and that they get the right legal advice.

Attwood Marshall Lawyers have senior, experienced property lawyers and paralegals who will act in the transactions and attend to all issues involved with buying and selling property.  We have conveniently located offices across the Gold Coast and Brisbane:

Attwood Marshall Lawyers has sophisticated electronic systems that they use in the conveyancing process and are also PEXA accredited and can carry out electronic conveyancing.  Whilst we believe our costs and fees are very competitive, it is impossible to properly act on behalf of clients and protect their interests with respect to the buying and selling of property without cutting corners.  We believe it is in client’s best interests to leave no stone unturned in relation to any property transaction to ensure that they are protecting their investment.

You can telephone our office on Freecall 1800 621 071 and speak to one of our property department managers who will take you through our process and provide you with a no obligation quotation for our fees to act in the matter.  Our available and friendly staff will provide you with all relevant information throughout the matter.

What have you got to lose? Every transaction has a seller and a buyer. Refer to us with confidence and do the right thing by your clients by aligning yourself with a reputable legal firm.

Alternatively, you may email our property department at any time on or simply visit our website and live chat with our department managers at

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Barry Van Heerden - Special Counsel - Property & Commercial

Barry van Heerden

Special Counsel
Property & Commercial

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