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At Attwood Marshall Lawyers, our dedicated team practices exclusively in elder law and inheritance disputes. It is our renowned intent to help people through this difficult time.

Disputes over Wills can be extremely sensitive to handle and stressful for all involved. With one of the largest and most experienced estate litigation teams on the Gold Coast,  we can assist you with all matters related to defending or contesting a Will, Family Provision Applications, challenging a Will and its validity, or assisting with Queensland Public Trustee disputes.

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Our Gold Coast estate litigation lawyers specialise in:

Contesting Wills

Have you been left out of someone’s Will? We can help you understand your legal rights and get what you are entitled to. Our team will help you understand your prospects of success and what the process is to take legal action to contest a Will.

Defending Wills

Our Gold Coast estate litigation lawyers feel a deep sense of responsibility to protect the wishes of the deceased. We can help you ensure the testamentary intentions of the deceased are fulfilled. Family Provision Claims can be complicated and stressful; however, we will support you throughout the entire process.

Challenging Wills

A Will can be challenged for a number of reasons including if you believe the Will-maker lacked testamentary capacity to make the Will, if it was executed under suspicious circumstances or undue influence, or if it was never signed or witnessed properly. If you are worried about the validity of a Will, we can help you bring a challenge against the Will in court.

Executor & Beneficiary Disputes

Our Gold Coast estate lawyers have the expertise to effectively resolve disputes between Executors and beneficiaries. We can provide advice to Executors, Administrators and beneficiaries on their rights, duties, and obligations.

Public Trustee & Guardian Disputes

If you have had problems dealing with the Public Trustee of Queensland, we can help you have them removed, or seek compensation for the mismanagement of your financial affairs, or that of a loved one.

Statutory Wills

A Statutory Will can provide assurance to minors or those who lack capacity, and their families. We can assist you with applying for a Statutory Will.

Why choose Attwood Marshall Lawyers

  • Industry-leaders: We are industry-leading estate litigation lawyers and our dedicated team of Gold Coast experts practice exclusively in this area of law. They will fight fiercely for you to help you achieve the most optimum outcome.
  • Flexibility: For approved cases, we offer our No Win, No Fee, or deferred payment, options. This means that there are no upfront costs and you can take legal action quickly.
  • Convenience: We can make appointments outside of regular business hours for your convenience. If you are unable to see us during business hours, you can make an appointment at our Robina Town Centre office which is open Thursday nights until 9pm and Saturday mornings until 12pm.
  • 5-Star Service: Our team is trained to listen and connect with our clients. They are exceptional communicators and will explain everything to you clearly throughout the entire process, so you know where you stand every step of the way.

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