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Our experienced team is ready to help you with all estate matters, whether you need a simple Will, comprehensive estate planning services, assistance with administering an estate, or expert advice on contesting a Will.

Our renowned legal experts specialise in Succession Law, a field that encompasses everything related to Wills, estates, and trusts. We take immense pride in serving the Gold Coast community and are proud to be highly-reputed in the legal industry for our expertise in this area. 

One of the most vital things you can do for your family is to ensure you have an effective strategy in place for your estate. Let us help you gain peace of mind and secure your legacy for the future.

Make an appointment with our Gold Coast Wills and Estates lawyers, and rest assured that your family’s wellbeing and your assets are in capable hands.  

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Our Wills and estate lawyers can help with:

Estate Planning

Our Gold Coast Wills and estate lawyers make the process simple, so there is no need to feel overwhelmed or kick the task of getting your Will done down the road any longer. Our lawyers can help you plan for your future and ensure your assets are protected using the most advantageous strategies. You can have peace of mind when you know your legal affairs are in order.

Estate Administration

We are here to support you throughout the process of administering a deceased estate. We know that this process comes at a time you are already under a significant amount of stress. Our team supports you by carrying the burden and ensures that the administration process is completed efficiently and promptly so that you are able to move forward.

Contesting Wills

Our Gold Coast Will lawyers can help you resolve disputes that arise over Wills. With extensive experience in this area, we can assist with family provision applications, , and helping beneficiaries and Executors understand their legal rights.

Public Trustee Disputes

Our legal team has significant experience in Public Trustee and Guardian litigation and stand up for people who have had their lives turned upside down from the mismanagement of their financial affairs, poor management of deceased estates, or by being charged exorbitant fees by the Public Trustee.

Aged Care

We want to help ensure you are always being looked after at every stage of your life. We can help you navigate the Gold Coast’s complex aged care sector. Our elder law team provide personalised legal advice which can help you make the most important decisions you are faced with when planning your transition to aged care.


No matter how large or small your estate may be, it is important for everyone to have a valid estate plan to ensure your assets go to who you want to benefit after you die. By not having an estate plan in place, it can be extremely exhausting, both financially and emotionally, for the loved ones you leave behind.

Careful planning of the distribution of your estate involves protecting the assets you have worked so hard to acquire. Many people often do not think about what will happen if they lose capacity while they are still alive. Estate planning covers you if the unexpected happens.

Estate planning is a personalised process that takes into consideration the assets you own, who you want to receive your assets, any tax implications applicable to your beneficiaries, who you wish to appoint as your executor, if your situation would benefit from making a testamentary trust, and how you want to distribute your superannuation and life insurance policies after you die.

Because everyone’s estates and family situations are different, it is important to seek the assistance of an experienced estate planning lawyer who can understand your circumstances and provide you with the best possible plan.

Many people do not realise how much value they have in their estate. Your estate is comprised of everything you own including:

  • Superannuation contributions
  • Life insurance policies
  • The family home
  • Shares
  • Investments
  • Motor vehicles
  • Personal belongings

You can often have much more wealth than you realise. No matter how big or small your estate may be, it is important to have the documentation in place that outlines how your assets are to be managed and distributed upon your death.

If someone dies without a Will, then the rules of intestacy apply. When an estate falls under the laws of intestacy, your assets are distributed according to a pre-determined statutory formula. Under this formula, certain family members will receive a defined percentage of the estate.

The legislation which deals with the distribution of an intestate estate, differs between each state and territory.

DIY Will Kits can leave your estate at risk. There are many problems that can arise interpreting DIY Wills or when a Will has not been executed correctly. Even though DIY Will Kits and legal documents such as Enduring Power of Attorney documents, are available to download online, by completing these without legal advice, you can create more problems than you intended to solve by making the document in the first place.

Given the far-reaching effects a Power of Attorney has, it is imperative you tailor the terms of the document to suit your specific circumstances and appoint people you trust implicitly.

Attwood Marshall Lawyers offer a complimentary 30-minute estate planning review to help you determine what documents you may need to put in place to preserve your wishes. You can call our team any time on 1800 621 071. Our Gold Coast estate planning lawyers will help you identify the best strategies to put in place to ensure your estate plan will truly reflect your testamentary intentions.  You will be sent an online questionnaire which will help us collect all the information we need to begin your estate plan, and once completed, our friendly team will contact you to organise a suitable time for you to meet with your lawyer at an office location most convenient to you and to finalise your documents.

Angela Harry Wills and Estates Partner Attwood Marshall Lawyers

Meet Angela Harry

Partner, Wills & Estates

Angela is the partner who leads the firm’s Wills and Estates Department.

She has been with Attwood Marshall Lawyers since 2006, managing a significant workload including complex Wills and estate matters, elder law, estate disputes, and deceased estate administration and probate.

Being based on the border of New South Wales and Queensland, Angela is able to handle matters across both jurisdictions. 

As a a proud member of the Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners (STEP), a global professional association dedicated to guiding families across generations, Angela passionately champions the values of best practice, professional integrity, and continuous education.

Why choose Attwood Marshall Lawyers?

  • We have a dedicated team of Gold Coast lawyers who practice exclusively in this field.

  • Our estate litigation lawyers are valuable members of the Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners (STEP); the worldwide professional association for those advising families across generations.

  • With in-house Accredited Aged Care Professionals, we are able to give you up-to-date and local advice to help you make an informed choice about aged care that suit your unique circumstances.

  • In approved litigation cases, we offer our No Win, No Fee or deferred payment policy, so you can take legal action quickly, without having to worry about upfront costs.

  • Our extensive experience, local state-specific knowledge and longstanding history delivering positive outcomes instills confidence in our clients.

  • We are able to make appointments outside of regular business hours. We have a 24/7 phone line for urgent matters, and you can also make an appointment to see your lawyer at our Robina Town Centre office which is open Thursday nights until 9pm and Saturday mornings until 12pm.

  • If you are restricted and can’t visit one of our offices, we can come to you! We can arrange for our Gold Coast lawyers to visit you at home, at hospital, at an aged care facility, or at any other suitable location if required, for your convenience.

Are you a first responder or frontline health worker on the Gold Coast?

To say thank you for your commitment, dedication, and the sacrifices you make every day to support our community, we want to help you prepare for the future and preserve your wishes. We are proud to offer our “Free Wills for First Responders and Frontline Health Workers Program”. Have your Will drafted for free by an experienced estate planning lawyer today.

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